World UFO Day – Have You Ever Been Probed By An Alien?

World UFO Day – Have there been any sightings in your state?

UFO sightings and alien abductions. This seems to be a very Western phenomenon. Almost always the flying saucer shaped kind. Hovering in the skies. Somehow always favouring the USA so that they can go on to make a dozen new movies and tv shows and book signings by “authors” who claimed to have been abducted as he/she were tractor beamed into one and then went on to be anally probes by these little grey or green men. Or are they women. I dunno – they seem to lack any genitalia of any sort.

I have never seen a UFO. Once back in 2001 or 2002, I thought I did see something. I was letting my dog, Shawny, out for a run in the garden and side/back yard area so she could do her business and then going to lock our front gate as I usually did every night. As was our usual routine, unless I was trying to watch something on tv at the time, I would walk a bit with her and just enjoy Shawny’s company under the night sky. I might even find her ball and throw it for her to fetch. As I was filling her water bowl and walking towards the gate, with Shawny walking next to me, I looked up and thought I’d seen a shooting star.

From my point of view it felt like a star moving from my left diagonally across towards the right bottom of my vision. However as it was about to reach the right, it severed and changed directions and moved towards the top and then it went outta sight. No shooting star can do that. I stood there for a minute, jaw dropped and just continued starring. I then looked at my dog and she seemed to be wondering what was wrong with her hooman as I was just staring off into space. After a few minutes I shook it off, thinking I was seeing things and went back inside. But I did wonder, as I was switching off the lights and went to sleep, if I & Shawny were about to be beamed up into aΒ  UFO.

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Adding Colour To Your Home During The Monsoon

In case of heavy rains, simply sitting at home and doing nothing might make you feel dull. Similarly, brighten up your mood by changing the colours of your interiors.

Psychologically speaking, bright colours do brighten up your mood and bring a lot of happiness. So, use pops of brighter colours to highlight certain corners of your home. If painting the house seems challenging, you can use brightly coloured cushions or throw in some colourful rugs to liven up your space. It’s believed that if you dress yourself in bright and happy colours, you tend to feel the same way. It would be totally recommended to get all those bright yellows and hot pinks out and flaunt them in all the ways you can. You can also go for those colours which you thought are just too over the top. This is exactly the time to ditch on your dull clothes and experiment a bit.

Fun colours you could try this monsoon season:

Orange and Yellow – Creates a lively ambience.
Mint and Green – Soothes and calms the soul.
Turquoise – Is a luxurious choice for the monsoon.
Purple and Pink – Represents royalty and luxury.

Give your interiors a fresh vibe by adding colourful cushions, paintings, table lamps, vases, and other items. Use colour therapy to take away those monsoon blues.