The Secret Man Cave That I Use To Dream About

Well, from the years 1987 untill 2006 when we sold the house, my family and I used to live in our house in Thrikkakara. It was a big house and we had plenty of space. We had a large front porch area, a garage and a kennel and a lawn that ran partly from the front of the house, through the left side and to the back (bigger area was the side). We had a large living room/dining room, a decent size pantry, a kitchen with a small store room and a work area / laundry room right at the back. We also have a bedroom and bathroom to round off the ground floor.

On the top floor we had a common area, 3 bedrooms that have bathrooms attached plus a library  / computer room. And yet I have wished that I had a man cave. I have dreamed that we had a secret door under the staircase that led to this large room with a projector screen, large leather recliners, a bar, a pool table, maybe a table tennis setup and a large popcorn machine on one side. This is a place that I could relax and enjoy with my cousins and friends.

Yeah, that never happened ofcourse but the dream is still there. Someday I guess!