Do You Attend Halloween Parties?

The first time I ever heard or saw anything about Halloween was probably on a tv show when I was a kid. I can’t be sure which one it was – probably a rerun of Battlestar Galactica 1980 in a double episode which is set during a Halloween party. But I only understood what the day was about much, much later possibly in my mid-teens. And ofcourse I love the whole concept but I have never dressed up and gone to a Halloween party ever in my life, since we do not do that here in India.

The last few years as I work for an American based company, even though in their Kochi office, they do have a few events for Halloween. Nothing major but they do encourage a few people to dress up as scary or any other fictional characters and have a judging competition on who has done the best job in doing the makeup and outfit. The last year that we had one, 2019, saw the most number of people dressed up, though most were variations of the Joker makeup, with different outfits and quite a few Harley Quinn.

I did not dress up any of the years we worked in the office. Nothing would fit me ofcourse. But yeah I wish I did live where this is actually a major event and see kids Trick r’Treating, us handing out candy and the adults dress up too and have a fun party with food and drink.

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Ghosts. Bats. Black Cats. Spider. Write About Something That Scares You.

I do not believe in ghosts and therefore I am not scared of them. However I can get scared of something that I can’t see or observe properly when my imagination gets the better of me and definitely I can get scared of jump scares. Movies or otherwise.

As for bats, I actually do like bats but I know that they can spread vile diseases and can bite you and that scares me. A couple of times I have had close encounters with bats but I am not scared of them. Twice small bats got into my apartment through the open balcony door and I had to chase them away as they might hit the fan and die and spread blood around. That way I would say that I would be more wary of bats.

As for spiders, yikes! I hate them. Scared might not be the exact word but I just can’t stand them. The bigger they are the uglier they are. Disgusting creatures and vile and yucky. I will kill any spider that I find in my home and will toss away the dead carcass without a thought. I just hope that the spider isn’t pregnant at the time. Nothing worse than seeing 100s of mini spiders running around.

Black cats are cats that just happen to be black in colour. I like cats and I will pet them and give them scratched on their chin (the cats I have had seem to love that) and feed them if I can. Shut up about them being unlucky; that is just superstitious nonsense created by dumb people who have shit for brains.