Dis-organized Person

Is there a part of your life that you wish was more organized?

Yes. Almost all parts of my life. From work and play, I wish I could organize my life a whole lot better than I currently do. For instance, with relation to work, my files are scattered here and there. All on my work system but some are on the hard drive and some on the share folders. At times I do get confused and have multiple files and copies of the same data. Once in a while it is not my fault but it’s due to not getting access to the share folder and hence I have to save the file on my hard drive. But mostly it is my fault.

Same thing in my life. I have so many things on my bed right now. Other than the remote for my smart tv, since I anyway watch tv in bed, and a mouse for going through the options in the menu, I shouldn’t have anything else on it. And yet I do! I have my two phones, my inhaler and 2 spares, some papers, my phone’s box, some Strepsils, a plastic bag with some medical reports and a bottle of water on my bed . Plus some paper bills. None of them should be on there. At night I transfer them onto my computer chair.

My built in cupboard is a mess, with the exception of the drawers which are neatly kept. The rest if a mess of boxes and boxes of things that I have bought over the last 8 years or so. Some of them not all. I really ought to fix this when I have the next 3 day weekend coming up next week.

Prompt from 31 Best October Journal Prompts for 2022 from Lifegram.org