Two Day Vampire Shift Done, Now Two Days Leave

The last two days and for the most part today as well have been tough on me physically. That’s because after a long time I did the 9:30 pm to 6:30 am shift. It was just for two days but man am I tired and even though I got enough sleep I am tired and sleepy. I feel like I could fall asleep at any moment from the time I woke up.

So Monday I didn’t really sleep during the day after the weekend to keep me fresh. I just rested by watching a movie in the afternoon and then closed my eyes and relaxed till almost 6pm. I then got coffee and some biscuits and then took a shower. I waited till 9 pm when we had dinner and then I got ready for work. I took the day’s sessions and worked on my reports. I had a coffee and a banana at 3:30 am and at 6:15 am I closed the training link and went to make some breakfast, which was chapathi and peanut butter.  I ate that in my room and then watched a bit of tv before falling asleep.

I woke up at 12:45 pm and had some water and coffee. I washed my face and brushed my teeth. I went online and then had lunch at 2pm. At 2:45 pm I napped for a bit and watched more tv till 6pm. Showered and got ready after coffee. Attended a quick call at 8 pm and then had dinner and got ready for the final day of that particular training batch. I ended up only drinking water throughout the night and felt pretty good until 5 am. I managed till 6 am and then got breakfast ready before sending the batch home at 6:20 am. I had my food and then watched a bit of tv before falling asleep by 7:30 am.

The rest of the day has been brutal so I am gonna try and get an early night in and sleep for a few extra hours. I have taken two days off for personal reasons and will be away from my work desk for the duration. Let’s hope I am rest and ready for more on Friday.

Last Hope 3: Zombie Sniper War

I rarely play any non-sports games on my phone. I have two tennis games and 2 football games. I also have a bowling game and the usual brickbreaker and ToonBlast which is similar to your CandyCrush style of games. However, since mine is a gaming phone – sort off – I just had to try a few other games. One of them, randomly downloaded because I wanted a 3rd party shooting game, is Last Hope 3 : Sniper Zombie War. And I am getting addicted.

Last Hope 3 is an offline game with realistic 3D graphics. Experience a thrilling and fun story campaign. Use your sniper rifle to assassinate your dead targets and survive dangerous boss fights with your assault weapon.

Game Modes
– Story: Help the survivors to rebuild the city and save the world from horror.
– Sniper: Become a deadly assassin. Assassinate targets from far distances.
– Contracts: Can you take out an invasion of infected zombies in time?
– Defense: Survive the zombie horde in first person. Kill endless waves of zombies.

Join the war and fight against the zombie apocalypse in this offline game! Let the walking dead come, guns are loaded, pull the trigger and shoot to kill!