My Excruciatingly Frustrating Experience With

So I placed an order for 2 shirts on this website called Guniia. I have never heard of them before but I saw a sponsored posts on my Facebook app and when I searched for my plus sized John Pride shirts on Google;s shopping tab. You see I usually buy these shirts from Amazon or Flipkart or even their own website. However last Saturday when I checked the selections were so less on any of them but Guniaa had more shirts.

So I placed an order for 1 shirt on John Pride’s website and then 2 on Guniia as they had so many good prints. That was last Saturday – 12th Nov. After I placed the payment I got a confirmation of the order and a tracking id from eKart. Then on Sunday I got a confirmation email from Guniia that the order was on it’s way. However there was no tracking update when I did a quick check – it showed that the tracking id did not exist. I thought it was possibly because it hadn’t been shipped by the carrier yet so I though I would wait for a day or 2. I then forgot about it till Wednesday and checked again. No tracking id found with that number. Frustrated, I sent them an email. No response till Saturday.

Saturday morning I called their customer care number which was only working from 10 am to 6 pm. After 20 minutes past 10 a woman picks up and says she can’t hear me and hung up. I called again and she sounded sleepy and I could hear kids in the background. OK, maybe she is working from home. She tells me that the system is slow and that she would call me back in an hour. She doesn’t so 90 minutes later I call her back. She tells me the same thing and asks me to wait for 2 hours. I said ok even though I was getting annoyed. She doesn’t call me back again. I then wait and call her back and I give her a piece of my mind. She tells me that it was shipped – I said what about the tracking.

Then she tells me that they have had some issue with the carrier and that the tracking id is wrong so here is a new tracking id. And that the carrier has just picked up the package!!! After one week? I also get an email from another staff with the same tracking id. Then someone sends me a new id says that it was just picked up as they had problems so they had to select a different carrier. But this woman tells me it was picked up the previous day. All sorts of BS later she apologizes and sends me the new tracking update. Atleast it shows some movement and it should be here on Tuesday. I hope so!

2002 World Cup Japan South Korean Facts

In 2002 I watched most of the afternoon games (shown in India in the afternoon) at my uncle’s house two doors away with my uncle and grandmother – who was under medication and supposed to sleep a little after lunch and her medicines but still wanted to spend time with her son & me. On May 31, 1996, FIFA decided the 17th FIFA World Cup would be hosted in continent Asia. Never in soccer history had Asia hosted this magnificent event. For the first time in FIFA World Cup history, two countries would host the 2002 World Cup together: South Korea and Japan. Another exciting aspect was that in 1996 when the announcement was made, Japan had never yet qualified for a FIFA World Cup Finals. They would, however, qualify for the 1998 FIFA World Cup.

China qualified for the first time. South Korea became the first country outside Europe, South America, North and Central America, and the Caribbean to qualify for the fifth successive finals tournament. France showed an excellent performance four years earlier to lift the FIFA World Cup trophy. But four years later, France finished last in Group A. Their first loss was against Senegal. Senegal drew the two other matches against Denmark and Uruguay. As a result, both Senegal and Denmark advanced to the Round of 16. Senegal would also beat Sweden and advancing to the Quarter-Final.

Another surprise was Portugal known for players such as Rui Costa, Luis Figo, Joao Pinto, and trainer Paulo Bento. It was highly expected that Portugal would win their group, but this didn’t happen. Their first surprising loss was against the USA. Germany started the tournament with an impressive victory: 8-0 against Saudi Arabia. Miroslav Klose scored a hat trick with his head! As with France, Argentina played one of their worst World Cup performance in 2002. Argentina only won the first match against Nigeria. In this match where the rivals England and Argentina played each other, it was England which was finally able to defeat Argentina. David Beckham scored the only goal, which was a penalty.

A highly controversial match was the Round of 16 match between South Korea against Italy with the former winning. This is because the mistakes that referee Byron Moreno made were so controversial. Italian Damiano Tommasi scored a Golden Goal, but this was controversially ruled offside. Another controversial decision by the referee was giving Francesco Totti his 2nd yellow card in extra time since he supposedly dived. Brazil would beat England to advance to the semis. The Koreans were finally stopped by Germany in the semis, while Brazil beat Turkey, who eventually won 3rd place by beating the co-hosts. After Brazil lost 1998 final, it once again had a chance to become the first country to win five World Cups.

After 12 years, Germany managed to reach the Final again. However, this was the first time Germany reached the Final as Germany instead of West Germany. A crucial player who would miss the Final was Michael Ballack. He received his first yellow card against Paraguay and second against South Korea. On the 30th of June 2002, the Final was held in the International Stadium Yokohama in Japan, with an attendance of 69,029. Brazil won again with Ronaldo scoring 2 goals.

2002 World Cup Facts

Date: 31 May – 30 July 2002
Final: Germany – Brazil 0-2
3rd place: South Korea – Turkey 2-3
Teams: 32
Stadiums: 20
Host cities: 20
Matches played: 64
Goals: 161
Attendance: 2,705,197
Top scorer: Ronaldo (Brazil) (8 goals)