Going Back To Work On Boxing Day After 2 Weeks Leave

So Boxing Day is when I am going back to work. After 2 weeks away, I am going back. 6 of those days plus one over night which was on Tuesday, was spent at the hospital. The rest was at home, recovering and resting my poor self.

I am a little anxious. Not about the actual work but wondering if I will have the same problem again after a few days. I hope not since I don’t think we will be allowed to go back to work from home again until a few more weeks. Or so I think. There might be a chance that we will all go back to work from home but I can’t be sure since nothing has been communicated so far. So I will go early and come back by 10 or 10:15 pm.

Most of the day will be spent on checking emails – 2 weeks worth of emails! Sheesh, I can guess it will be 1000 plus by now. I just can’t imagine reading all of them or atleast sorting them out. I will have my lunch there and I think I will send out the weekly report before I leave since that is usually due by Wednesday. I hope to spend time with my colleagues during a tea break. I will book an Uber by 9:30 pm and have my dinner once I get back home.  Hope everything goes well.