Drinking Beers After A Very Long, Long Time

After many, many months – close to 9.5 months, last weekend I had gone to get my hair cut. I am balding, have a bad bald spot on the back of my head and hence my hair doesn’t really grow that much but within the last couple of months my hair had grown so long that it was almost at my shoulder. It was difficult for to manage and drying my hair after a shower was a nightmare. So I went to Ole and got my hair cut short and it feels so much better now.

With that out of the way, it was just a couple of steps near to Couchyn, the lounge bar that is attached to the Grand Hotel. I went it as it was also 9.5 months since I had any drinks. I was only going to have some beer but as I got in, I started to really miss it. I quickly sat down and ordered a Corona and munching on some free hickory sticks, I quickly demolished that. Man, did I ever earn that beer. Now I needed another one and I asked for a Hoegaarden which I really, really love.


By then my first order of food had arrived. Delicious tempura prawns which is so good on it’s own but dipped in that delicious sweet & spicy Thai Chilli sauce that it comes with – oh my god, how I have missed this taste! So great to drink my beer and eat them prawns while listening to their excellent selection of 70s, 80s & 90s soft rock and folk music. The word chilling in the dictionary should have a clip of me drinking my beer, eating those shrimp and humming & singing softly to myself the lyrics of the songs that were playing.


A little later I ordered some tandoori chicken, a half plate and a Budweiser. Now the first two beers were 350 ml bottles but the Bud was a full bomber bottle of 650 ml. I thought I could finish that but I couldn’t complete the last bit more than a quarter of the bottle and the last piece of chicken. Well I culd have but I wanted to go back home and if I stayed back then I could have finished them off. So I paid via my credit card, washed my hands and mouth, took a leak in the washroom and then booked an Uber to come back home.

Where To Spend A Quiet New Years Eve

I can’t remember exactly how I used to spend New Year’s eve as a kid – I do know that when we lived in Kuwait, our building would have parties organized on the roof top terrace and everyone had fun and games. Once we came back to India back in 1987 I can’t remember much happening unless we cousins would get together in our ancestral home in Mattancherry for the winter holidays. We usually would go for some ice cream or maybe even a movie in the afternoon and get burgers & fries or something like that for dinner. And we would sit together in the top floor of the house and spend the night listening to music.

Once my teenage years ended I think a few years we usually spent at home watching tv. Money was also tight during those years hence it was usually quite dinners at home, maybe some cake or ice cream and watching a blockbuster movie (I remember one year, 1998 or 1999) I was watching Titanic with my mom & my sister’s mother-in-law). 2003 I remember I had applied for a new job as I had enough of my then current job and in the afternoon I went to small bar and had some food and a few drinks and was really sad about my life. As I was about to leave, I got a call from the HR of the new employers informing me that I was selected and could join in 1 week.

My next really happy & wonderful New Year’s eve was back in 2006 which I have blogged about on the first day of setting up this blog. It was a fun night with my cousins, parents, uncles & aunts and we had good food and lots to drink. The same was true the next year as well. I spent a couple of New Year’s eve drinking at bars with friends but mostly I have preferred to be at home as I have grown older. I order food for myself, dad & mom and sometimes my sister & her family might join as well. I listen to music, watch a movie perhaps and have a nice quiet nice in. That is the same for this year as well.

Happy New Year!

Prompt from New Year Post Ideas for Bloggers! at QueenBeeBloggers.com