To Dye Or Not To Dye

By the time I turned 35 I noticed that I had started getting grey in my stubble. At first it was only a couple of places on my chin and then soon I noticed the grey in my hair. I am 46 now and I have grey strands on the sides of my temple on both side. It’s still not too bad but it is noticeable and I am not quite sure how to feel about it.

Thing is I am badly balding. So does it really matter? It does and it doesn’t. At times I have a devil may care attitude about the greys and at times I wish it was all black. While I am still wishing, I wish I had a full set of hair on my head. So not for the first time I have thought of dyeing the greys that I have to jet black. Or just go for the full job.

It is doable and lots and lots of people are doing it but when I think about it too much I feel, why do you want to? Just leave it as it is and grow the grey out. It is not too bad plus it is natural and everyone will eventually go grey. So do you dye or do you proudly wear the grey?

My New Year Resolution Is To Lose Some Weight & Be Healthier

Share your New Year’s resolutions

So just yesterday I posted the top 5 new year resolutions that people usually say that they are going to do. I dunno about the other 4 but I certainly have a new year resolution and it’s not a fad or something I said on the spur of the moment, fueled by several nights of binge drinking. Due to my health being the way that it is, I am on a diet and I said to myself let’s have a nice meal on New Year’s Eve and then start the diet on the 1st.

This time it is after consulting a dietician. Unlike last time when I went all gung ho and did it by myself. So out goes the regular rice, the white bread, pasta etc. Brown rice, wheat bread, chapati and oats instead. My calcium is very low so I am trying to have more milk, skimmer milk curd, mackerel & sardines. Chicken 4 days a week, 1 big piece with gravy or boiled. Vegetables and yeah I like broccoli – we’ve looked at a few recipes and the two we tried are pretty good.

Eggs – I was told to have 3 egg whites a day for protein. Skip the yolk. Two eggs white omelete with some green bell peppers and tomato. I want to get some spinach and try that as well. Toast some wheat bread and have them as a sandwich. Biscuits as long as it’s not sugary or cream filled. I have cut off sugar and instead use sugar free in my tea and coffee. Let’s see how this goes.