The Next Experience That I Am Anxious To Try in 2023

What new experiences are you most anxious to try in the new year?

I’ve spent eight years at my current place of employment. While I am happy to have spent so many years at one place, I also know that it’s high time that I left. I wish I could just quit and go rest for a month or so and find that next job almost immediately but then it doesn’t quite work that way.

I know for a fact that it can be incredibly frustrating and feeling despair and doom when you do not have a job at hand and are searching for one and it’s not happening. I spent quite a few months without a job as my previous place of work had to lay off a bunch of people due to struggling financially and with lack of capital to try and bolster things, the boss had no choice. I struggled for a long time and finally it happened and I am where I am now.

But I am more than ready to find a new one. I’ve got to sit this weekend and really focus on updating my resume. And I need to start applying and find what options are available in other places. This is getting to be a bit depressing. And it’s time!

Prompt from 30 Creative Writing Prompts for January at Brilliantio

Analyse A Common Saying That Has Never Made Any Sense To You

“In god we trust. For the rest get data”  – or something to that effect. And yes, god is with a small “g” because I refuse to capitalize that shit.

This is one of them dumbest things I have ever heard being said in Indian corporate companies, usually quoted by some higher up who is a believer. Atleast I have data for the information I have with me. Do you have for your god? Nope, your feelings and temples/churches do not count and neither do your books or the fact that there are way too many believers. I do not care!

I wonder which moron came up with it. I remember being part of this Webex meeting for an R&R in which this was mentioned on a PPT slide and this dumb manager was reading it and acting if it was the most incredible thing that she had ever heard! Yeah, most idiotic! Get a life, lady!