Five More Weird Laws In Sweden

If you sell a flag that has anything painted or written on it you will be fined – In Sweden there is a law that forbids you to paint or write anything on a swedish flag. If you paint paint or write anything on a swedish flag its not considered to be a flag anymore. If you sell a flag that does not ‚Äúobey‚ÄĚ this law you will be fined a 100 krona.

If you release pigs into a acornwood (or a beechnutwood) mutually owned by you and at least one more, and exceeded your quota of allowed pigs, you will have to pay a fine for each each pig to the other owners and to restore any damages caused by the extra pigs.

A prince or princess who marries without the consent of the government, that person forfeits the right of succession for his/her children and all other descendants.

It is legal to be a prostitute provided you do not give customers enjoyment – how does this work? I mean you go to a prostitute to have sex and enjoyment! Otherwise you can just stay at home and use your hand.

During the long hours of winter darkness it is illegal to complain that you wish it were sunny – again, this is just silly and no one is actually getting into trouble over this. I bet everyone in the country will wish at some time or the other during the long winter that it were sunny again!

Here Are Some Health Benefits To Eating Oranges

Health Benefits of Oranges

The vitamin C in oranges helps your body in lots of ways:

  • Protects your cells from damage
  • Helps your body make collagen, a protein that heals wounds and gives you smoother¬†skin
  • Makes it easier to absorb iron to fight¬†anemia
  • Boosts your¬†immune system, your body’s defense against germs
  • Slows the advance of age-related¬†macular degeneration¬†(AMD), a leading cause of¬†vision loss
  • Helps fight¬†cancer-causing free radicals
When you’re feeling anxious, vitamin C can also lower your levels of the¬†stress¬†hormone¬†cortisol¬†and your¬†blood pressure.

Fiber.¬†The 3 grams of fiber in a medium orange help keep your bowels healthy, your¬†cholesterol¬†and risk of heart disease low, and¬†ulcers¬†at bay. Fiber also slows the way your body absorbs¬†sugar¬†— a big bonus if you have diabetes.

Calcium. Oranges are high in this important nutrient, which keeps your bones, organs, and muscles strong.

Folate for moms and babies.¬†Oranges are a great way to get a big dose of folate naturally. Your body uses it to divide cells and make DNA. Because it helps prevent birth defects, it’s an especially important B vitamin for¬†pregnant¬†women.

Good sugar.¬†The 12 grams of sugar in an orange are all natural. That’s different from the kind of sugar you’d get in a candy bar. Plus, all the fiber,¬†vitamins, and¬†antioxidants¬†that come with an orange make it a much better choice for your body. Choose raw oranges, which have less sugar than the dried kind.

Potassium. This nutrient lowers your blood pressure, and oranges have a bunch of it.

Citric acid and citrates. These compounds help prevent kidney stones from forming.