Fixing & Cleaning Your Home Oven

Whether your a once in a while home baker or an avid home chef, a clean & well performing oven is essential for your cooking.Ā  Even if you can find professional services to fix your faulty oven to save energy, with the right TLC over the days, months, and years, you can extend its common lifespan and avoid theĀ costs of professional repairs or replacement.

1. Deep Clean Your Oven at Least Twice a Year : only clean it once it has cooled off and use a wet cloth if you are cleaning it with your hands. Allow the oven to dry before using it again.

2. Inspect Your Gas Line : if you recently purchased a new oven, speak with your oven installation teamĀ about replacing the gas line as well. The movement of the installation can jostle and damage an old line, causing small leaks.

3. Replace Damaged Burners : Old or dirty coils break down over time. If you spot a deep red spot on the coil when in use, turn it off and contact a stove repair specialistĀ ASAP. This could be a sign that it is on its way out.

4. Check Your Oven Gasket : The rubber strip around the inside of the door of your own provides a crucial seal for the cooking process. During your deep cleanā€”and before you ever use the self-cleaning featureā€”check the gasket for tears, holes, or general wear. If everything looks good, wipe it down with a cloth, soap, and water.

5. Clean Your Range Hood Filter : If you have a range hood and fan above your stove, clean the filter at least once a year. Depending on the model, the filter should pop out easily by hand or with the help of a flat-head screwdriver.

6. Check Behind Your Range : cleaning behind your range at least twice a year can protect against rotting food, mold, dust, and the inevitable kitchen pest.

7. Cook Responsibly : cut down the need for an afternoon of cleaning by cooking messy dishes with care. Place recipes like pies and casseroles on top of a baking sheet to protect against overflowing food dripping below.Ā 

Drinking More Tea Than Coffee Nowadays

For a guy who loved his coffee so much – hey I even have a category dedicated to just coffee – I have been drinking a lot more tea now. That is because I had consulted a dietician, after my health issues and I as advised to lose some weight by my doctor, and one of the things she said was to drink more tea instead of coffee.

And cut off sugar ofcourse. So I did. I start my day by drinking a cup of coffee with milk (I have to have more milk to increase the calcium levels in my body) and later on in the morning I will have a cup of tea. I add sugar free to my beverages now. I do not drink tea or coffee at the office anymore and instead will opt for a lime juice with a tiny bit of salt and no sugar. 2 atleast during a 9 hour shift; one at tea time and one during dinner.

During the weekends I drink a bit more. I drink a cup of coffee with milk in the morning – I need that pick up first thing after I wake up, brush my teeth and wash my face. Later on in the morning I will drink a black tea and in the evening after 5 pm I will usually have some biscuits with my cuppa. Ofcourse I drink it usually at my desk with Youtube running on my browser, either a vlog, a sports clip or review or some music. That is how I am spending my hot beverage drinking time.