That Missing Feeling Of Contentment

What do you need to be content?

I know for sure that I will never be content with anything in life. That’s because this existence is good but it’s not what I want it to be. I am a lonely bachelor just 3.5 years away from being 50 and I have nothing to really look forward to. I’m not married and neither do I have a girlfriend and no kids. My parents and I live together and as taxing and at times depressing as it can be, they won’t live for much longer and then I will be all alone. Granted I have my sister and her family but they have their own lives.

I want to live forever in a futuristic Utopia – see the post below – where such advanced technology makes life so easy for us. I want to be stuck at a particular age – something between 32 to 38 – and have all my family members living and in pristine health. And we do not have any sort of a currency and hence do not have to work for money and therefore do not have to depend on money for buying things that we need like food, drinks, etc as we get to have it done without the need of money. And yeah replicators are real and they make everything you need without a need for money – food, liquids to drink, alcohol, clothes, gadgets and devices, things you need for the home, etc.

I want a family of my own or atleast just a wife. I want to explore the universe so I want to be part of a force that sends out teams to travel the planets and star systems and interact with the alien races, help them or fight them off if they are bad guys. Or travel with my family in a large spaceship just for holidays and stuff. It all seems so awesome in my head and in my thoughts and dreams. If only it could be true.

Prompt from February Journal Prompts + printable at Life Of Lovely