My Happy Place That I Created Up In My Mind

Close you eyes and imagine feeling warm and cozy. Now write about it: where are you? What is around you? What do you have with you? Who is with you or are you alone?

Since I dream of this expansive futuristic & heavily advanced science fiction world and life, mine is gonna be like that. Picture this : snow capped mountains and a valley with snow but the air is crisp, clean and exhilarating. Its in the evening and the moons – yes this is an alien planet – are out in full force, giving us tons of light. I’m in a spaceship, the size of a large, large mansion having just landed there. Outside it does look like a spaceship but the inside is what looks like a very luxurious but cozy and inviting home.

I want the luxurious & futuristic amenities inside the ship -large bedrooms with king sized beds and attached bathrooms, food & drink dispensers, separate clothing replicators. Proper kitchen, for when we want to try some cooking, a nice living room with big sofas, lush carpet and yes that big ole fireplace (without the need for actual wood, it’s more of an electronic fire that synthesizes the warmth of fire. Some entertainment stuff like a pool table, darts and a big game room etc.

Within the confines of the spaceship/home’s forcefield, we can enjoy the view of the mountains and the night sky. There are trees nearby and some alien birds and animals making the noises of the children of the night. None are scary or threatening in any way. It is now evening time and time to set the table for dinner and then it’s family time in the living room, burning logs on the fake fire place keeping the rooms cozy and warm. My wife is rounding up our 2 daughters and 1 son to go and wash up for dinner as the kids were playing games in one of the game rooms. I’m walking to the dinning area with Shawny my Golden retriever, right next to me.

My 2 cats – Chocolate & Lollipop are fast asleep on large cushions on one of the sofas and Junior my black lab/Dalmatian female dog is half asleep but being petted by my son and loving it. Despite the wind and cold breeze outside we are all feeling warm and safe inside. While I sets up two glass of wine for me and the wife, she gets the plates ready with food for the kids – meat and grilled veggies. I then get my oldest child to replicate some gourmet cat food in two large bowls for the cats. My younger daughter and son replicate two large bowls of dog chow for Shawny and Junior and they place all 4 bowls on the area set for the pets, who then come to enjoy their grub.

I have some big old pork chops with grilled veggies for me and my wife while we sip our wine and the family settles down for a nice meal and conversation. Dinner all done, the pets with their bellies full are back on the beds next to the fireplace while my wife and I cuddle on the couch. The kids arrive with some popcorn and cozy under blanket on the large sofa before we pick a movie to watch. This is heaven!

Prompt from DAILY JOURNALING PROMPTS – FEBRUARY 2022 at Krafty Planner

Manchester City Charged By Premier League For Several Breaches Of Financial Rules

The Premier League has charged Manchester City with more than 100 breaches of its financial rules following a four-year investigation. It has referred the club to an independent commission over alleged rule breaches between 2009 and 2018. It also accused City of not co-operating since the investigation started in December 2018. City said they were “surprised” by the charges and are supported by a “body of irrefutable evidence”. The commission can impose punishments ranging from a fine and points deduction to expulsion from the Premier League. Last season City won their sixth Premier League title since the 2008 takeover by the Abu Dhabi United Group.

In a statement the Premier League said City breached rules requiring them to provide “accurate financial information that gives a true and fair view of the club’s financial position”. This information covered club revenue, which includes sponsorship income and operating costs. Further alleged breaches relate to rules requiring full details of manager remuneration – from the 2009-10 to 2012-13 seasons, when Roberto Mancini was in charge – and player remuneration between 2010-11 and 2015-16. The Premier League said City breached rules related to Uefa regulations, including Financial Fair Play (FFP), from 2013-14 to 2017-18, as well as Premier League rules on profitability and sustainability from 2015-16 to 2017-18.

In 2020 European football governing body Uefa ruled that City committed “serious breaches” of FFP regulations between 2012 and 2016. However, a two-year ban from European competitions was  overturned by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (Cas) later that year. Uefa began its investigation into City after German newspaper Der Spiegel published leaked documents in November 2018 alleging the club had inflated the value of a sponsorship deal. The proceedings of the commission – chaired by Murray Rosen KC – will be confidential and heard in private.

After publishing their findings, the Premier League has referred Manchester City to an independent commission that will determine any punishments. Crucially, the club will not be able to appeal the decision of that commission to the Court of Arbitration for Sport like it did with UEFA’s findings. The judicial panel consists of sitting or retired judges, attorneys and football administrators. The Premier League report did not identify the punishments Manchester City could receive if the independent panel takes action against the club.

However, there are already a list of permissible punishments that independent commissions can levy for rule violations listed in the Premier League bylaws. Based on the handbook, pretty much everything is on the table if the Premier League’s findings are backed up by the commission. According to section W.51.4 of the Premier League’s official rules and regulations, the following sanctions are possible:

  • A fine of unlimited quantity
  • Suspension of a club from playing in league matches, with an unlimited timeframe
  • Point deductions
  • Replays of past matches
  • Permanent expulsion

The kicker, though, underlines the power of the commission:

  • Make any such other order as the commission sees fit