Out For Some Beers, Jumbo Shrimp & Fries

So I rarely go out for drinking anymore or drink at home. Since like late August of 2021 at first because I was on a diet, then my illness and then I just stopped going out altogether. I haven’t also bought any beer or other alcohol since August of 2021. 2021 I only went out to have beer twice – once in February and then in December, the day before Christmas.


Since then I have a been following a diet. My plan was to stick to the diet and break it like once a month or so and enjoy some of my favourite food and drink. Since I started the diet on January 1st, I haven’t moved out of my diet much – maybe a cookie or two – and I was eager to have some beer. And I also wanted to eat some of my favourite food.


I initially planned this for Sunday but then I was battling a bad cold I caught on Friday and hence decided to rest Saturday and Sunday and if I was feeling up to it, I would go Monday afternoon (I had taken a personal leave well in advance for something else) and I would go and get some beer. So yesterday I got ready by 12:45 pm and booked a Uber to go to Couchyn. As soon as I got there, I ordered me a Corona Extra and a plate of their jumbo tempura prawns.


Next up I got a Hoegaarden Whit Beer. Something is different – the last two times I felt that the Hoegaarden was better than the Corona but this time it felt way off. I preferred the Corona over the Belgium beer. Maybe it was a bad bottle or something. And I never add lime or lemon to my Corona. So after that I got another Corona and that would be it as far as the beer was concerned. Instead of getting a meal I opted for another snack.


Once the prawns were done I was thinking of what to get next. I didn’t want a big meal and I thought about getting some beef or chicken. Instead I went with a large basket of their French fries. Why, because I haven’t had French fries in almost 2 months and had started to miss it. Also, Couchyn & the Grand Hotel makes some excellent fries that puts McDonalds, Burger King etc to shame. Really good ones! Once that and my 3rd beer was done, I booked an Uber and came back home.