My Highlight Of The Week Was Meeting A Dog

It’s no secret to people who know me that I love dogs. When I was a kid I wasn’t so sure but by the time I as 10 I really liked dogs. I wanted a dog in my family. When I was 11 my dad and sister went to a family who had puppies that they were selling and brought home a female Pomeranian who we named Lassie. She had some health issues, including worms and did not last 3 days. I’ve had cats since then but it would be more than 6 years later when I got a dog – as in I went and got the dog that I wanted and the breed(s) of dog that I want – which was a Golden Retriever and she was a legend!

Now you can read about my Shawny in this blog. When she passed away in 2005 I was heart-broken and swore to myself that I would never get another dog in my life. Why try to replace the un-replaceable and the best? However in just a few months I would end up taking care of my sister & brother’s pup, a Dalmatian and Black Lab mix, and I was pretty happy to have her for that 1 year. Since then, other than the odd visit and babysitting my sister’s pug (the other dog had passed away) a few times, I have been a dog lover but without a dog in my life. I also have lived in a small apartment since 2006 hence, there isn’t much space and I think that dogs need a bit more space and a backyard to thrive.

Yet when I see dogs my heart leaps and I am happy. I earn for a dog. Like yesterday while I was standing outside and waiting for my Uber, I saw this beautiful, or should I say handsome, brown/chocolate lab (slightly long haired) and I stopped right in my tracks. I just asked the owner, who was walking him along with 2 ladies, if it was a boy or a girl and he said boy. My Uber had arrived and if I had a couple of more minutes than I would have taken the time and asked permission to pet the dog and take a pic. I just felt so happy on seeing the dog.

And it made me ache. It really made me want to have a dog again. I know that my Shawny can never be replaced – no way – but do I have enough love to give another dog again? Yes I do! Maybe 2 dogs. Or 3 even! I wish I could get to that stage again.