If Money Suddenly Wasn’t A Problem

Write about what you’d do if money suddenly wasn’t a problem.

Well if money isn’t a problem anymore, I assume that rather it becoming like a 24th century Utopia like they show in Star Trek, instead I actually get a lot of cash that I never have to worry about money again. If there are alternate sources of working and bettering yourself by gaining knowledge I would rather go for that. Or indulge in an activity that gives me and others pleasure and satisfaction. If the two can be combined that would be really awesome.

Nah, I would probably just retire and relax. Get a nice new home, place my parents in there as well and get a dog or two. Maybe a couple of cats as well.  And then we will live in luxury and travel the world in style and never have to work another day of your life and/or worry about money again. Go do all the things that I have wanted to do and never worry or feel guilty about spending so much of your time on your hobbies.

But basically I will be enjoying the rest of my life and hope that I can make my parents life’s a lot happier for the rest of theirs. That’s what we all want.

Prompt from 52 Writing Prompts to Inspire Your Next Blog Post at Medium.com