Some Facts & Origin Of The Ice Cream Cone

The ice cream cone was an accident.

At the World’s Fair in 1903, an ice cream vendor ran out of bowls, so a waffle maker rolled his pastries into the cone shape to help! Vendors soon used this as a way for people to eat ice cream easily while they enjoyed the fair.

One of the first known manufacturers of ice cream cones was Stephen Sullivan. He began serving ice cream cones, which were at the time still called cornucopias, at the Modern Woodmen of America Frisco Log Rolling, which was held in Sullivan, Missouri.

The earliest cones were rolled by hand, from hot and thin wafers, but in 1912, Frederick Bruckman, an inventor from Portland, Oregon, patented a machine for rolling ice cream cones. He sold his company to Nabisco in 1928, which is still producing ice cream cones as of 2017. Independent ice-cream providers such as Ben & Jerry’s make their own cones.

The Joy Ice Cream Cone Company, located in Hermitage, PA, was founded in 1918 and began to mass-produce baked ice cream cones to sell to restaurants, as well as the everyday consumer. The company produces over 2 billion ice cream cones (sugar, cake, and waffle cones) a year. It is said that the company is the largest ice cream cone maker in the world as of 2009.

Movies I Wasn’t Supposed To Watch As A Kid But Did

What’s a movie you weren’t supposed to watch as a kid but you saw it anyway?

I was 5 years old hen I watched the original Evil Dead, and a few days later, Basket Case. I was scared shitless by them both and was hiding behind the sofa while my parents and my older sister watched it. Scared me for days. My parents told me to go and sit in my room but I defied them as I wanted to see the movies. Evil Dead has since become one of my favourite horror movies of all time and a beloved icon of my childhood. Basket Case is a stupid movie in comparison but remains a big part of nostalgic memories.

And then there is one which I am teased about even to this day, 36 years later. You see I was a big fan of this cartoon series called Thundercats. I watched it over and over again and was obsessed with it. When we came back to India in the summer of 1987, I was saddened to know that they show was not being shown on Indian television. However we did have a couple of video lending libraries (think lower quality versions of Blockbuster) and my family would go every weekend and get some movies to watch for Saturday and Sunday.

And one holiday I picked up a movie called Cat People thinking that it would be just like Thundercats – but man was I wrong. A few of my cousins and I sat in the living room and I put the movie on and there were some naked women scenes and sex scenes and the adults got wild and made us switch it off. I had no idea what the heck was happening, I was not yet 12 and had no clue about sex. I didn’t understand what the big deal was but I couldn’t watch it. And I still haven’t watched the full movie to this day! Maybe I should change that someday.

My Biggest & Most Bitter Regret

What is your biggest regret?
My biggest regret is the fact that I am alone and a single guy at the age of 46. I never ever expected that to happen when I was younger. Never in a million years. I have had my crushes and a couple of relationships but I have been mostly single since the age of 22. When I was a teenager I used to think that I would meet an awesome girl my age and we’d fall in love and begin our relationship and date and eventually get married by the time I was 27-28 and move in together. And that it would be me, my woman and my dog Shawny living in a nice small house and we’d have such a loving relationship. I have always dreamed about it.

Even after I my long time relationship for over 6 years broke, I still had some hope in me. For the next 3 years I didn’t think it would happen, even though I met a few girls I liked, but by the age of 26 I as very hopeful. I kept wishing that I would find a wonderful young lady, who would ease the pain and heartbreak I had suffered from my very first long term relationship and make me forget the negative side and let me fall in love again. Once again, I did have a couple of crushes but nothing ever materialized from any of it – and all of a sudden I hit 30! Oh no, I as supposed to haven been married by now.

I remember just after I turned 30, we were having lunch one day and my parents asked me if they should look for a match for me. Like an arranged marriage. And I said no, if I find someone I would tell them. And that’s because arranged marriage is not the way for me. I don’t hate it but its’ not something that I would want to do. And then years passed on by. At 31 I fell in love but no luck. At 33 I found out that a woman actually had feelings for me. Again no luck. I began to think that nothing as gonna happen. The ages of 35 to 38 the thought of finding a woman was further from my mind as I was struggling financially and job wise.

And then I was happier but I thought ok, I am 39 now, time is running out soon. Still no luck. I have had a couple of crushes but nothing serious. And then Covid hit and since late 2021 I have been in bad health. I can’t imagine finding a woman now as it’s easier to be in a relationship and then have these issues. I am now 46 and will turn 47 in August. The big 50 is just a little over 3 years away. The dream is fading away to just wisps of smoke and then into nothingness. I guess I will end up alone. No…..I know I will end up alone.

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Hanging Out Drinking In A Grande Life

What’s your favorite hideout or hangout spot, and why do you like it?

I haven’t had a hangout in a long, long time. Covid being the biggest reason ever plus my illness. Now I have a hangout that I enjoy being at even though, it’s expensive as heck. I am talking about Starbucks. Specifically the one at Vennala.

I have been aching to have some frappucino or ice cappucino or cold brews. And last week I walked in twice to enjoy a little bite in the evening and a grande. After such a long time I as in a cafe. And it was the first time I was in a Starbucks since 2015! Yes I have ordered a few cups via Swiggy or Zomato but it’s a different experience to go in and order it yourself and get the fresh frappe set on your table and to enjoy the ambience and sip slowly.

Sitting there the two time last week, munching on a croissant and sipping my coffee, I did feel good and relaxed after my work had ended. It is a nice feeling. Ofcourse it’s not light on the wallet and therefore I cannot do it often but once in a month or so, I can enjoy myself in a cafe.

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RIP Jerry Springer

Gerald Norman Springer, known more popularly as American broadcaster, journalist, actor, producer, former lawyer, and politician Jerry Springer has died. He was 79 years old. A family spokesperson says Jerry was battling a “brief illness.” Our sources tell us it was pancreatic cancer that was diagnosed a few months ago, and this week he took a turn for the worse. The spokesperson says he died Thursday morning, peacefully at his home in the Chicago area. Springer served as the 56th Mayor of Cincinnati from 1977 to 1978. He was best known for hosting the tabloid talk show Jerry Springer between September 30, 1991, and July 26, 2018, and debuting the Jerry Springer Podcast in 2015. From 2007 to 2008, Springer hosted America’s Got Talent, and from September 2019 until 2022, Springer hosted the courtroom show Judge Jerry.

He was born in London during World War 2, to ere German-Jewish refugee Parents who escaped from Landsberg an der Warthe, Prussia (present day Poland). His family were in concentration camps and both his maternal and paternal died while still in camps. His parents migrated to the US with 4 year old Jerry, settling in Queens. Jerry earned a B.A. degree from Tulane University in 1965, majoring in political science. He earned a J.D. degree from Northwestern University in 1968. Springer became a political campaign adviser to Democrat Robert F. Kennedy.Following Kennedy’s assassination, he began practicing law at the Cincinnati law firm of Frost & Jacobs, now Frost Brown Todd. He was also in the Army Reserves.

Before TV, he was a politician who ran a failed campaign for U.S. Congress in 1970, got elected to Cincinnati’s City Council in 1971 … and became the city’s mayor in 1977. He served one term. But, Springer became a worldwide sensation with his tv show  which debuted in 1991. Most people won’t remember this, but when he started Jerry’s show focused on political issues. Of course, it eventually became the exact opposite and a ratings smash. he show became more successful as it became targeted toward tabloidish sensationalism. Guests were everyday people confronted on a television stage by a spouse or family member’s adultery, homosexuality, prostitution, transvestism, hate group membership, or other controversial situations.

Springer hosted America’s Got Talent on NBC for its second and third seasons, replacing Regis PhilbinHe’s survived by his daughter Katie Springer and his older sister Evelyn.

Manchester City 4 Arsenal 1

Manchester City delivered a masterclass to overwhelm Premier League leaders Arsenal and strike a huge psychological blow in the title race at Etihad Stadium. The confrontation billed as a potential title-decider turned into an embarrassingly one-sided affair. Pep Guardiola’s side, now two points behind Arsenal with two games in hand, were inspired by the devastating partnership of Erling Haaland and Kevin de Bruyne. Haaland sent De Bruyne away for a silky opener after seven minutes, and Arsenal then survived a constant bombardment of attacks before John Stones headed home from a corner in first-half stoppage time, the goal given by VAR after originally being ruled offside.

City goal machine Haaland was outstanding throughout and again set up De Bruyne for the third in the 54th minute, the Belgian passing a classy finish between the legs of Gunners defender Rob Holding. Holding pulled one back for Arsenal late on before Haaland, denied four times by Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale earlier in the match, sealed a memorable night with his 49th City goal. City can go top with victory at Fulham on Sunday while Arsenal must somehow pull out of a slump that has seen them go four league games without a win at a crucial stage of the season. It was only a few short weeks ago that Arsenal’s title challenge looked like it might well end with a first Premier League triumph since 2003-04.

But that was before they carelessly threw away a two-goal lead at Liverpool, repeated the failing at West Ham and then faltered at home in a 3-3 draw with struggling Southampton. City presented the toughest of tests but also an opportunity to reassert themselves at the Premier League summit – but instead Mikel Arteta’s team found themselves on the receiving end of a chastening beating. Arsenal looked nervous in the face of City’s intensity and threat, the gap between the sides resembling a chasm right up to the final seconds when Haaland finally got on the scoresheet. The Gunners have desperately missed the authority of injured William Saliba in defence while they barely mounted an attack worthy of the name until it was too late. Arsenal have been outstanding this season and there will be no shame in coming up just short against this City team.

RIP Veteran Malayalam Comedian Actor Mammukkoya

Veteran Malayalam actor Mamukkoya, who was admitted to a hospital after suffering a heart attack, has passed away. The actor collapsed during the inauguration of a football tournament at Wandoor in Malappuram district of Kerala, where he was presiding as the chief guest. He was later moved to a private hospital in Kozhikode. It was said that the veteran actor was in stable condition and responding to the treatment. However, he reportedly suffered a cardiac arrest followed by a hemorrhage, and passed away on Wednesday afternoon at the age of 76.

In a career spanning over four decades, Mamukkoya acted in more than 450 Malayalam films and was the first winner of the State award for best comedian in Malayalam cinema. Mamukkoya started his career as a theatre actor. He got his chance in the film industry through Anyarude Bhoomi (1979). His second entry to Malayalam cinema was through S. Konnanatt’s Surumaitta Kannukal. Mamukkoya appeared in Siby Malayil’s Doore Doore Oru Koodu Koottam, written by Sreenivasan. In the film, he played an Arabic teacher. He then landed a role in Gandhinagar Second Street, which was also written by Sreenivasan, hie first notable role.

It was in the director’s Nadodikattu (1987) that he played the character of Gafoor, which found immense fame. He also acted in Ramji Rao Speaking, Vadakku Nokkiyanthram, Thalayanamanthram, Sandesham and His Highness Abdulla. Apart from films, Mamukkoya also had a keen interest in literature and theatre. He is also known for voicing strong opinions on religion and politics. He has won Kerala State Award for the films 2004 Perumazhakkalam and Innathe Chintha Vishayam. He was recently seen in the films Payali, Theerpu, and Peace. The Malayalam actor also played a role in Vikram’s Tamil film Cobra. Minnal Murali, Ustad Hotel, and Marakkar: Arabikadalinte Simham are other notable films in his career. Mamukkoya was married to Suhara. The couple had four children; Muhammed Nisar, Shahitha, Nadiya and Abdul Rasheed.He was residing in Kozhikode near Beypore.

Terrible Traffic Block In Cochin

Whooo! What a terrible day! Well guy today was the king of traffic blocks. And if I had actually left the office on time I would have been able to avoid it. Today I left the office at 5:30 pm and looked to book a cab to come back home. It was getting really windy and I wanted to leave before it started raining. I had some trouble in getting one as an idiot driver canceled the trip half the way to my office and he had also waited for a while before starting. Asshole!

Anyways I booked another cab and waited for him to reach me. It started to thunder and lightning quite a bit and I started to get worried. The cab came and I got in but half the way through we were caught in a huge traffic jam. It was so bad that were were barely moving. We took a different route but using a service road we found that the side of the road and the gutter were filled with water. It was tough going and we saw a couple of accidents on the way. This was why the block was so bad. Somehow he managed to get us out and we took a less used and less crowded route, which added 5 kilometers to the journey, but I guess it had to be done.

I got down at the pharmacy near my apartment building and bought my inhaler and a spare. I then came up to my apartment and got some tea and a couple of biscuits. It was 8:20 pm by then and I was tired as hell. By 9:30 I had a quick dinner of tuna curry and chapati and in a while I will get an apple and eat that. And then I’m gonna try to get some sleep.

Some Facts About Rush’s 2112 Album

Here are some facts you might not know about Rush’s epic fourth studio album, 2112, which came out on April 1, 1976:

After the lackluster sales of their previous album, a concept record called Caress of Steel, Rush’s label urged them not to do another concept album, but the trio ignored them. Drummer Neil Peart wrote all the lyrics on the album except for the song “Tears,” which singer Geddy Lee penned, and “Lessons,” which guitarist Alex Lifeson did the lyrics for. Peart credits “the genius of Ayn Rand” in the liner notes. Her book, Anthem, has many similarities to 2112 and Peart added the credit to avoid any legal issues. However, the association to Rand, an idol of many conservatives, had people labeling rush as right-wing extremists.

“Tears” is the first Rush song to feature an outside musician. Keyboardist Hugh Syme, who appears on many of the group’s tracks, was brought in to put a multi-tracked Mellotron string and flute part on the song. Syme also created the cover art for 2112, which includes the first appearance of The Starman, an image the band’s fans have adopted as a logo. Neil Peart once told Creem magazine about the emblem explaining, “All it means is the abstract man against the masses. The red star symbolizes any collectivist mentality.”

The song “2112,” which is made up of seven parts, together is 20 minutes and 33 seconds long, making it the band’s longest song. The storyline in 2112 actually begins in the not-too-distant future – the year 2062, when a galaxy-wide war put all planets under the rule of the Red Star of the Solar Federation. Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson created the spoken section of “2112” by playing around with a tape recorder. At the end of “Overture,” Alex Lifeson plays a piece of Tchaikovsky’s “1812 Overture.” 1812, of course, is 300 years before 2112.

The only words in “Overture” are “and the meek shall inherit the Earth,” a biblical verse. It’s up for interpretation how that plays into the album’s concept, but some believe it symbolizes the rise of the Solar Federation. The sci-fi sounds in the beginning of the “2112” suite were created with an ARP Odyssey synthesizer. The sung lyrics for the song “Discovery” include the line “sounds that build high like a mountain,” but the printed lyrics on the album have the line as “chords that build high like a mountain.”

Everything the story’s hero has been told has come from The Priests of the Temples of Syrinx, and the second suite is titled “The Temples of Syrinx.” In Greek mythology, Syrinx is a water nymph. A syrinx is also birds’ vocal organs. At the end of “2112,” the message “Attention all planets of the Solar Federation” is heard three times, then “We have assumed control” is heard three times. The first phrase has seven words repeated three times, and seven times three is 21. The second phrase has four words said thrice, and four times three is 12, echoing the album title. While the storyline’s ending is ambiguous, Neil Peart meant for it to be a happy one that sees the people of the Solar Federation liberated. “The Twilight Zone” was written and recorded in the same day.

In the 2003 movie School of RockJack Black’s character assigns listening to 2112 as homework to one of his students. He suggests the boy plays close attention to Neil’s drumming. 2112 is how December 21st is written in most countries. That is the day of the winter solstice, which has significant meaning in many cultures. 2112has been certified three-times platinum for sales over three-million copies. 2112 was the band’s first record in the top 100 of the album charts, peaking at number 61.

I Hate Smoking & Cigarettes But Cigars Fascinate Me

I can’t stand cigarettes anymore. The smell of it is so off-putting that I will gag and also get a breathing issue (due to my asthma). But I did smoke a long time ago. When I was a teenager a couple of my older cousins smoked and also at the age of 16 to 18 some of my friends also smoked. Hence I picked it up though I rarely did smoke; it as mostly something I did when hanging with smokers. I in particularly liked to smoke at night with the lights all off and lying on my bed.

The one year I lived in Bangalore, at the age of 19, I did smoke a lot more but that was mainly due to the colder weather. However I quit smoking by the age of 23 and I have never been tempted to smoke again. I can’t stand it or smokers and can’t stand near the stench for more than a few seconds. But I do miss cigars! Yeah, you heard me. I didn’t smoke it much. To be honest I can only remember buying cigars twice in my life. Once when I was 21 or 22 and some of my cousins and I were roaming the shops in Fort Cochin. I saw a sign on one store that state they had some cigars so I went and bought a few and smoke them for the next few nights. They were the thinner kind but I did like the flavour.

My first time though was back in Bangalore when I was 19. Funny enough how I smoked a cigar and marijuana both for the first time at the age of 19. One afternoon a couple of my friends decided that they wanted to drink wine and I joined them. We got 3 big bottles of delicious local wine and some food and spent a nice evening drinking the wine, chatting and then eating the food we bought. Towards the end one of the other guys brought out these big cigars as a surprise and offered 1 to each of us. I took it and it as so awesome to smell it and smoke it. I had to smoke it over 2 days as it as so big. But I do miss them.

6 Facts About WordPress

1. WordPress is used by 35% of websites on the internet.

It’s hard to believe, but and Netcraft estimate that 35% of the web is powered by this previously obscure content management system. WordPress’ popularity is due to its exceptional adaptability, which enables it to be used in a wide range of settings, from tiny personal blogs to large corporations like Sony Music and With an estimated 1.3 billion active websites, this means that around 455 million websites use WordPress today.

2. For every month, there are an average of 700,000 fresh posts and 77 million fresh comments.

Over 2,333,333 new posts are made every day, 97,222 posts are made every hour, and 1,620 new posts are made every minute. With an average post length of 300 words, WordPress is generating about 500,000 words each minute. (source)

3. Every month, WordPress receives 487 billion spam messages.

The number of spam comments has increased dramatically during the previous few years. There were 6,208 times more spam comments created in a month than there were real ones, according to Akismet figures. A total of 487 billion spammers hit WordPress every day.

4. Every six months, WordPress registers more than 1.1 million new domain names.

WordPress is now powering an extra 1.1 million websites every six months, according to a worldwide internet CMS usage survey conducted in 2015. Users like the ease with which they may create an online presence. That number may be much over one million now, given the growth of WordPress’s market share since then.

5. 2,940,000 people search for WordPress per month.

WordPress is searched 2,940,000 times a month by individuals throughout the world using KWFinder, a reputable keyword-analysis tool that provides accurate data. Even if we included all relevant long-tail terms, the total search traffic would almost certainly increase dramatically.

6. WordPress dominates Google’s search engine results page with 2.28 billion results.

There are more than 2.2 billion results for “WordPress” on Google. For instance, a search for “sex” returns 5.11 billion results, which isn’t all that much more.

How To Make Eggs Benedict

Making eggs Benedict requires careful orchestration. You have to have warm, crispy bacon, hot buttered toasted English muffins, eggs poached perfectly to your desire, and a warm, creamy, unbroken hollandaise sauce, all at about the same time.

What Is Eggs Benedict?

Eggs Benedict is a traditional American breakfast and brunch recipe that originated in New York City. It consists of an English muffin, cut in half, toasted, and topped with Canadian bacon, poached eggs, and classic French hollandaise sauce. It’s decadent, rich, and satisfying.

How to Make Perfect Poached Eggs

Not everyone poaches eggs right on the first try. Or the second. If you’ve never made poached eggs before, they can take some practice. For a better chance of getting it right, try these tips.

  • Start with the freshest eggs you can get. The older the eggs are, the more likely they are to fall apart in the simmering water.
  • Make sure the water is barely simmering (with just a few bubbles appearing every now and then). If the water is at a full boil (lots of rapidly moving bubbles), the chances of the egg separating when it hits the water are greater.
  • Don’t forget to add the vinegar to the water.
  • Crack the egg into a small bowl before adding it to the water. Then gently slide the egg from the bowl into the simmering water.
  • Time the poaching egg carefully. Four minutes should be just about right.
  • Drain the poached eggs well. Hot tip: a stale piece of bread works even better than a paper towel.

For The Hollandaise Sauce

  • Blend the egg yolks a full 30 seconds. Blending them for less time makes for a runnier sauce, plus it heats the eggs yolks a bit.
  • Melt the butter gently, so it’s not hot and sputtering (this can cause the sauce to break).
  • Add the butter in a slow, steady stream as the blender runs. Adding the butter too fast keeps the sauce from properly emulsifying.
  • If the sauce is emulsified but too thin for your liking, pour it into the pot you melted the butter in and heat over low heat, whisking constantly until it gets more body.

5 Weird Laws In The Bahamas

1. It’s Illegal To Wear Camouflage Clothing In The Bahamas

It may seem a bit too extreme if you’re the camo-fashion type, but the country has its reasons. Be it a tourist or a citizen, it’s illegal to wear camouflage clothing that represents military uniforms in the Bahamas. If you were caught dressed in camo clothing, you will be charged a fine and may even get imprisonment charges. This law is common in many countries in the Caribbean islands, including St. Vincent and Jamaica. According to Bahamians, wearing camo clothing is deemed disrespectful and should only be worn by security forces like the police and the military forces.

2. Divorce Is Granted If Your Spouse Cheats With An Animal

Getting a divorce in the Bahamas is not so difficult. You have to catch your spouse cheating on you with an animal, and the court can take up your case and grant you a divorce. That is not the only way to file for divorce. The country has listed many grounds commonly found in other countries, such as adultery, cruelty, living separately for over five years and rape by the husband. However, this particular law is quite intriguing. Although it may seem weird, the reason behind it does make sense.

3. It’s Legal To Enter The Bahamas By Sea Without A Passport

If you are a US citizen stopping by during a cruise, you can enter the Bahamas via sea without a valid passport. This doesn’t mean that anyone can simply cross the border without a passport; only if you’re coming by boat or on a cruise will you be accepted into the land. Just because it is possible, it’s not the most secure option. While some cruises allow just a few hours of exploration, some let travellers be on the land for days. In such a situation, if you come across any emergency that requires you to travel back immediately, you won’t be able to fly without a passport. So, if you’re planning on travelling to the Bahamas by sea, remember to pack your passport as well, just to be on the safe side.

4. Import Restrictions Apply For Trailers And Caravans

It sure is a weird law to be passed amongst other restricted items. The Bahamas do not allow citizens or anyone to import trailers and caravans, which are used as living quarters, offices, workshops, or similar purposes. However, if you can receive the minister’s authorization, you will be able to import trailers. Th reason behind this is still unclear. It could be that people would easily switch their homes to mobile residences. By doing so, they could exempt themselves from taxes. Apart from these, you are also not allowed to import motor vehicles or motorcycles that are ten years or older.

5. Spearfishing While Scuba Diving Is Illegal

Here is another law of the Bahamas that many would find weird. One main cited reason for this law is that the waters of the Bahamas have a healthy turquoise glow thanks to the rich ecosystem beneath the surface, so naturally, the nation is protective of its underwater species including the beautiful reef beds. But it’s not all bad news. You can still go spearfishing using the Hawaiian sling or a pole spear – the old methods that inflict little to no damage to the reefs. But make sure you get your fishing permit before hunting underwater.

Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night

If you had the opportunity to turn back time what would you change about the course of your life and why?

There is a song by Bon Jovi called Someday I’ll be Saturday Night and a line goes “I wish that I could be in some other time & place, in someone else’s soul with someone else’s face”. That is exactly what I wish that I could have been someone else. I often dream up of various versions of myself and a very happier me and my heart aches as I really wish I could be any one of those versions of myself.

Perhaps if the multiverse is real then there are several versions of me who are doing so awesome in life. Who have a lot going for them. Who have a great wife, a nice big house and lovely kids with some cats and dogs too. And travels a bit. And do things that I want to do but haven’t or can’t. Who basically live my dream.

So I would go back in time and make changes starting from the age of 16 and then I think life would be better. Or worse, who knows.  

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