Name 5 Things That You Would Like To Clear Out Of Your Home.

Only if I can get a brand new one but I would like to get rid of my current mattress and bed. It’s time for a new one. Also my desk – it’s time for a new one. I would like to get rid of that and get a new one, money permitting ofcourse.

There are some old boxes of stuff that we have stored in a section of the 3rd bedroom of our flat. It is ust a bunch of stuff that we do not really need. It is just gathering dust sitting up there in the loft above the room. I can’t even get up there and take the stuff down!

And I guess finally I would like to clear out all the furniture in the living room and get new sofas and chairs for the family. New dining table and chairs as well. That would be nice.


Five Weird Laws In Bangladesh

A strange law states that if someone gets run over by a wagon, or a ‘thelagari’, then he is the one who has to pay a fine of fifty taka to the wagon driver, as anyone dumb enough to walk into a wagon deserves to be fined, even though a few of his toenails could get skewered easily.

Those of you who have problems remembering addresses, beware, because there is a Vagrancy Law in this land. If you’re stopped on the road by a policeman, and he asks you where you’re heading and if you cannot give them a definite address, then he has every right to arrest you and put you in a jail for vagrants where you’ll be kept until someone from your family can come and free you!

Some forty years back, in the public universities, if a guy wanted to talk to a girl in his class, he had to take permission from the proctor! If a guy was caught talking to a girl without permission, he could be suspended. This law still stands, though it is never implemented.

This law is for those who spend sleepless nights on the phone with their so called ‘soul mates’, because there IS a mobile law that says it is illegal for children under 18 years of age to talk on the phone after twelve o’clock!

And those of you who are sneering at your teachers because of the latest law making it illegal for teachers to hit students, you should know that under the Bangladeshi law, children over 15 years of age can be jailed for cheating in a final examination!