I Hate Smoking & Cigarettes But Cigars Fascinate Me

I can’t stand cigarettes anymore. The smell of it is so off-putting that I will gag and also get a breathing issue (due to my asthma). But I did smoke a long time ago. When I was a teenager a couple of my older cousins smoked and also at the age of 16 to 18 some of my friends also smoked. Hence I picked it up though I rarely did smoke; it as mostly something I did when hanging with smokers. I in particularly liked to smoke at night with the lights all off and lying on my bed.

The one year I lived in Bangalore, at the age of 19, I did smoke a lot more but that was mainly due to the colder weather. However I quit smoking by the age of 23 and I have never been tempted to smoke again. I can’t stand it or smokers and can’t stand near the stench for more than a few seconds. But I do miss cigars! Yeah, you heard me. I didn’t smoke it much. To be honest I can only remember buying cigars twice in my life. Once when I was 21 or 22 and some of my cousins and I were roaming the shops in Fort Cochin. I saw a sign on one store that state they had some cigars so I went and bought a few and smoke them for the next few nights. They were the thinner kind but I did like the flavour.

My first time though was back in Bangalore when I was 19. Funny enough how I smoked a cigar and marijuana both for the first time at the age of 19. One afternoon a couple of my friends decided that they wanted to drink wine and I joined them. We got 3 big bottles of delicious local wine and some food and spent a nice evening drinking the wine, chatting and then eating the food we bought. Towards the end one of the other guys brought out these big cigars as a surprise and offered 1 to each of us. I took it and it as so awesome to smell it and smoke it. I had to smoke it over 2 days as it as so big. But I do miss them.

6 Facts About WordPress

1. WordPress is used by 35% of websites on the internet.

It’s hard to believe, but WordPress.com and Netcraft estimate that 35% of the web is powered by this previously obscure content management system. WordPress’ popularity is due to its exceptional adaptability, which enables it to be used in a wide range of settings, from tiny personal blogs to large corporations like Sony Music and Forbes.com. With an estimated 1.3 billion active websites, this means that around 455 million websites use WordPress today.

2. For every month, there are an average of 700,000 fresh posts and 77 million fresh comments.

Over 2,333,333 new posts are made every day, 97,222 posts are made every hour, and 1,620 new posts are made every minute. With an average post length of 300 words, WordPress is generating about 500,000 words each minute. (source)

3. Every month, WordPress receives 487 billion spam messages.

The number of spam comments has increased dramatically during the previous few years. There were 6,208 times more spam comments created in a month than there were real ones, according to Akismet figures. A total of 487 billion spammers hit WordPress every day.

4. Every six months, WordPress registers more than 1.1 million new domain names.

WordPress is now powering an extra 1.1 million websites every six months, according to a worldwide internet CMS usage survey conducted in 2015. Users like the ease with which they may create an online presence. That number may be much over one million now, given the growth of WordPress’s market share since then.

5. 2,940,000 people search for WordPress per month.

WordPress is searched 2,940,000 times a month by individuals throughout the world using KWFinder, a reputable keyword-analysis tool that provides accurate data. Even if we included all relevant long-tail terms, the total search traffic would almost certainly increase dramatically.

6. WordPress dominates Google’s search engine results page with 2.28 billion results.

There are more than 2.2 billion results for “WordPress” on Google. For instance, a search for “sex” returns 5.11 billion results, which isn’t all that much more.