Some Facts & Origin Of The Ice Cream Cone

The ice cream cone was an accident.

At the World’s Fair in 1903, an ice cream vendor ran out of bowls, so a waffle maker rolled his pastries into the cone shape to help! Vendors soon used this as a way for people to eat ice cream easily while they enjoyed the fair.

One of the first known manufacturers of ice cream cones was Stephen Sullivan. He began serving ice cream cones, which were at the time still called cornucopias, at the Modern Woodmen of America Frisco Log Rolling, which was held in Sullivan, Missouri.

The earliest cones were rolled by hand, from hot and thin wafers, but in 1912, Frederick Bruckman, an inventor from Portland, Oregon, patented a machine for rolling ice cream cones. He sold his company to Nabisco in 1928, which is still producing ice cream cones as of 2017. Independent ice-cream providers such as Ben & Jerry’s make their own cones.

The Joy Ice Cream Cone Company, located in Hermitage, PA, was founded in 1918 and began to mass-produce baked ice cream cones to sell to restaurants, as well as the everyday consumer. The company produces over 2 billion ice cream cones (sugar, cake, and waffle cones) a year. It is said that the company is the largest ice cream cone maker in the world as of 2009.

Movies I Wasn’t Supposed To Watch As A Kid But Did

What’s a movie you weren’t supposed to watch as a kid but you saw it anyway?

I was 5 years old hen I watched the original Evil Dead, and a few days later, Basket Case. I was scared shitless by them both and was hiding behind the sofa while my parents and my older sister watched it. Scared me for days. My parents told me to go and sit in my room but I defied them as I wanted to see the movies. Evil Dead has since become one of my favourite horror movies of all time and a beloved icon of my childhood. Basket Case is a stupid movie in comparison but remains a big part of nostalgic memories.

And then there is one which I am teased about even to this day, 36 years later. You see I was a big fan of this cartoon series called Thundercats. I watched it over and over again and was obsessed with it. When we came back to India in the summer of 1987, I was saddened to know that they show was not being shown on Indian television. However we did have a couple of video lending libraries (think lower quality versions of Blockbuster) and my family would go every weekend and get some movies to watch for Saturday and Sunday.

And one holiday I picked up a movie called Cat People thinking that it would be just like Thundercats – but man was I wrong. A few of my cousins and I sat in the living room and I put the movie on and there were some naked women scenes and sex scenes and the adults got wild and made us switch it off. I had no idea what the heck was happening, I was not yet 12 and had no clue about sex. I didn’t understand what the big deal was but I couldn’t watch it. And I still haven’t watched the full movie to this day! Maybe I should change that someday.