How Do I Choose A WordPress Theme For My Blog

How did you choose the WordPress theme for your blog?

I like white background themes with 2 columns and if possible some splash of colour. I usually go to Google and search for free WordPress themes with white theme and 2 columns. Sometimes I look at the images section and then find one that I like and try to download it. I usually try to find 3 to 4 such themes and then use Filezilla to transfer these themes onto my website’s server and then try it out to see how it looks like.

I like the simplistic and clean look of this theme over here. I like adding colours in terms of images and logos or anything that add that brightness to the blog. And that white background serves that purpose. Plus I look for larger blog post areas and alignment of words on the paragraphs, which makes it look neater and easier to read. Once I do find such a theme, I will use it and stick with it for a while. Now it has been almost 2 years with this theme so I might look for a new one.

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