So Tiring And Hectic These Past Few Days

I am so tired. The last week has been tiring and so has this week. It’s just a lot of stress at work and me moving about quite a lot. It doesn’t help that the section that I am now sitting in with a set of 48 frontliners on this massive floor is a lot warmer given that the air-conditioning seems to be very low here. It is terrible to sit there at times when they switch it off. Also checking and fixing things which is par for the course means I am on my feet and running around.

Monday I left the office on time since I had told a friend that I would meet her for coffee. Yesterday I stayed back for a while and reached home after 8 pm and I was dead tired on my feet. I started to feel aches all over. I just wanted to lie down immediately but I had to wait till after dinner. I ordered some channa masala for my folks and I which we ate with chapathi made at home. After dinner I was online for a while before I ate my usual apple and an orange before taking my medicines.

By 10:30 pm or so I would be ready for bed – not sleep but lying down in my bed. I would shut off the latop, switch the tv on to watch whatever it is that I am trying to watch. This time it is Ms. Marvel but I am struggling to stay awake. I switch the ac on for an hour and lie in bed to cool off as it is still very warm. I soon fall drowsy and then get up and switch the tv off and then the ac and the lights and go to sleep.