When Is It O.K. To Replace Human Limbs With Technology?

When Is It O.K. to Replace Human Limbs With Technology?

When is it ok to replace human limbs with technology? When the original limb has to be amputated. I am all for using technology to aid humans. Science – it works bitches! – when a massive catastrophe happens and you need to have one of your limbs taken away from you. To date, most robotic-powered prostheses are in the early stages of development, and the research prototypes have yet to be translated into commercial applications. However, once they do reach clinical viability, they could prove genuinely life changing.

The need for these kinds of devices is not in doubt. Millions of people around the world live with limb loss, often due to diabetic neuropathy or trauma. Around 185,000 amputations are performed annually in the US, along with 431,000 in Europe. For these patients, their quality of life will depend to a large degree on the quality of their prosthetic devices. Traditional passive prostheses may give them some mobility, but they can’t restore natural muscle function and often end up restricting the person’s activity levels.

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Do You Think Life Exists — Or Has Ever Existed — Somewhere Besides Earth?

Do You Think Life Exists — or Has Ever Existed — Somewhere Besides Earth?

Yes. Am I sure of it? No because I don’t have any evidence for it but I think that there has to be some sort of life out there. There are way too many planets and moons across the various star systems in our own galaxy. I believe in an older post this year I mentioned that there are around 100 million planets out there in our galaxy alone. But our galaxy is just one of millions and trillions of galaxies out there – we don’t even know the exact number. Now how many would that make in the entire universe – I can’t do that kind of math.

I am not arrogant enough to think that this planet and we are so special that we are the only living things out in the vastness of space. So even though I don’t know for sure I would bet that there is some intelligent life or just life out there in the vastness of the universe, living on some rock that is traveling around some star in a system. Some will be much more advanced than us and others will be a lot less advanced.

I want to go to outer space! See the universe and explore the galaxies. Someday I hope we know for sure and get to meet some friendly aliens who wish us no harm. Who wants to share technology and make things good for each other. Check out various planets, chase a comet, meet new alien species, try out their food and drink and share ours. See the various cultures and really experience the universe in all her glory. And ofcourse, to bed the sexy alien women! Now that’s an adventure.

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5 Good Hollywood Movies That Are Set In India

Lion (2018)

This internationally acclaimed movie directed by Garth Davis is based on the book A Long Way Home by Saroo Brierley which tracks his journey of finding his birth mother, who he had been estranged from in India at the age of 5. The movie is heart-wrenching and well-told, with an honest portrayal of India. In the movie, you’ll see multiple snippets of some famous, some not so famous locations across India. You’ll be able to spot the famous Howrah station in Kolkatta, Amherst street, Bowbazar, and various others, along with the Ganesh Talai area of Khandwa, a small town in Madhya Pradesh. The film is a very close adoption of the book, and readers of the famous novel will be able to tell the similarities and small details they got right. It is recommended that you watch this movie for its heartwarming story, the depiction of the plight of children in poverty, and the incredible journey of one five year old across the bustling streets of Kolkata, the crowded historic train stations, and the narrow streets of a slum in a small town.

Octopussy (1983)

Octopussy is the 13th film in the James Bond franchise and the sixth to feature Roger Moore as the suave and sophisticated British secret agent. Investigating the murder of a fellow agent, it sees the globe-trotting spy travel to India where his trails led him to the mysterious Octopussy, who he ends up later enlisting to help thwart the dastardly plans of exiled Afghan Prince, Kamal Khan, who is working with the deranged Soviet General Orlov, to detonate a nuclear bomb on an American airbase in West Germany.

With much being filmed in India, audiences are treated to plenty of high-octane action sequences, including brawls in the densely populated streets whilst riding a tuk-tuk, as well as Bond hanging onto the tail of a moving airplane whilst high in the sky. There are also plenty of elegant palaces, with images of the Taj Mahal and locations including the Shiv Niwas Palace, Taj Lake Palace and Jag Mandir Palace, being used.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984)

There’s been a lot of talk about Indiana Jones recently, with the release of the fifth installment in the mega-successful action-adventure franchise on the horizon, and the news that this will be Harrison Ford’s last-ever outing as the iconic adventurer. The first movie in the series, Raiders of the Lost Ark, was released in 1981 and changed the movie landscape forever, creating one of Hollywood’s most beloved and recognizable heroes in the process. Ford went on to once again don the fedora and whip for its sequel The Temple of Doom.

It is a rip-roaring adventure that takes place within the jungles and temples of northern India. While it is undeniably a fantastic movie combing the perfect level of action, adventure, humor, heart and intrigue, upon seeing the script, the Indian government was the most pleased. Understandably, they argued that some of the Indian characters played up to negative stereotypes, and certain parts made India look like an uncivilized and even barbaric nation. As a result, they refused the rights for the production team to shoot any of the movie in the country. So, while it is set in India, most of the movie was, in fact, shot in the neighboring country of Sri Lanka.

Gandhi (1982)

When it comes to awards, this 1982 biopic is one of the most highly decorated there is. Starring Ben Kingsley as the eponymous Gandhi, Gandhi tells the story of how he led the nonviolent non-cooperative Indian independence movement against the British Empire during the 20th Century. Visually stunning, beautifully acted, and telling an important story, the movie was nominated for 11 Oscars, winning eight, including Best Actor for Kingsley as well as Best Director and Best Picture.

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (2011)

This is the 2011 American action spy film directed by Brad Bird (in his live-action debut) and produced by and starring Tom Cruise from a screenplay by Josh Appelbaum and AndrĂ© Nemec. It is the sequel to Mission: Impossible III (2006) and is the fourth installment in the Mission: Impossible film series. It also stars Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg, and Paula Patton. In the film, the Impossible Missions Force (IMF) is shut down after being publicly implicated in a bombing of the Kremlin, causing Ethan Hunt (Cruise) and his team to go without resources or backup in a life-threatening effort to clear their names. Jane has to seduce and then overpower an Indian tycoon, played by Anil Kappor, to get an obsolete Russian military satellite’s override code.

Left to Survive: Shooter PVP

Left To Survive is a game about life after apocalypse – zombies have enslaved the Earth and survival war has begun! Life is no longer what it used to be: humans are fighting for survival, and the Earth belongs to the undead from now on.Survive against zombies using rifles, grenades, shotguns, and anything in your arsenal to secure safe havens and save survivors. Build your encampment to defend yourself against enemy attacks. Get to the chopper and lay waste on enemy bases to steal their resources. Battle other players in solo and team multiplayer tournaments. Band together with other human factions.

Players will play through a story-driven PvE campaign that contains many different levels where your marksmanship with various weaponry will be put to the test. Gathering resources and building up your base are the key progression methods, as you need stronger guns and armour to tackle more difficult missions. Other game contents like PvP battles are offered in addition to customization of your character. While free to play, the cash shop can be obtrusive but overall it’s a fun game that offers a nostalgia trip especially due to the arcade feels.

RIP Randy Meisner

American musician, singer, songwriter and founding member of the Eagles Randall Herman Meisner / Randy Meisner has died. Meisner helped form the group in 1971, taking lead vocals on the track Take It To The Limit, which he also co-wrote. He contributed lush high harmonies to the California group’s mega-hit, Hotel California and The Best of My Love. His death was confirmed on Thursday on Eagles’ official website, who described him as “integral” and “instrumental” in their early success. Meisner died of complications from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Eagles – one of the most successful bands in history – have sold more than 150 million albums around the world and were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1998. Meisner’s melodic basslines and falsetto vocals contributed to the band’s first five albums – Eagles, Desperado, On The Border, One of These Nights and Hotel California. Born in Nebraska of German heritage, he began taking lessons and playing in local bands and a teacher suggested he give the bass a try. Meisner moved to California and played with the likes of Rick Nelson’s Stone Canyon Band, and Poco, before co-founding the Eagles in 1971 alongside Don Henley, Glenn Frey and Bernie Leadon. They went on to define the country-tinged, laid-back West Coast pop-rock sound that ruled the US airwaves in the early 1970s, before later moving in a hard rock direction.

Following a spat about him refusing to sing the song live during an extended encore at a concert in Knoxville, a flu-laden Meisner left the Eagles after six years – being replaced by Timothy B Schmit – saying he was exhausted. “That was the end.” He was excluded from their reunion tour in 1994 but did appear once again beside the band in 1998 for their New York City induction ceremony for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He turned down an offer to re-join properly for a world tour in 2013, due to ill health. And his later life was clouded with mental health, addiction and domestic issues.

As a solo artist, Meisner had hits with songs like Hearts on Fire and Deep Inside My Heart and also played on records by other performers including James Taylor, Dan Fogelberg and another Eagles star, Joe Walsh. Meisner married twice. He married his high-school girlfriend, Jennifer Lee Barton, in 1963, and the young couple had a son, Dana Scott Meisner in November 1963. The couple had two more children, twins Heather Leigh and Eric Shane Meisner, born in May 1970, before divorcing in 1981. Meisner later married his girlfriend of twelve years, Lana Rae, in November 1996. The marriage lasted until her death in 2016.

Arsenal 5 FC Barcelona 3

The Gunners came out on top in a mouth-watering pre-season friendly in Los Angeles on Wednesday, making it a fine end to their pre-season tour of the United States. Arsenal had only beaten Barcelona once in their last nine attempts in the Champions League, but triumphed in an eight-goal thriller at SoFi Stadium. Declan Rice was a surprise absentee from Mikel Arteta’s matchday squad, but his omission did not prove costly in the end.

Arsenal faced a Barcelona side who were embarking on their first run-out of the summer and have been hit by an illness in the squad, leading to the cancellation of their meeting with Juventus. Ilkay Gundogan played his first minutes since signing from Manchester City, with Robert Lewandowski and Raphinha twice giving them the lead in the first half, though those efforts were cancelled out each time by Bukayo Saka – who also missed a penalty – and Kai Havertz.

Leandro Trossard then notched a stylish second-half brace before two goals in a minute to cap off a spectacular game that was delayed by 36 minutes, with a Ferran Torres strike followed by Fabio Vieira’s rocket. What a terrific strike from Vieira, who was set up by a nice touch from Martinelli.

Benefits To Eating Rambutan

Rambutan (Nephelium lappaceum) is a fruit native to Southeast Asia. It grows in a tree that can reach up to 80 feet (27 meters) in height and thrives best in tropical climates, such as in Malaysia and Indonesia. Rambutan got its name from the Malay word for hair because the golf-ball-sized fruit has a hairy red and green shell. Its unmistakable appearance is often compared to that of a sea urchin. The fruit is related to the lychee and longan fruits and has a similar appearance when peeled.

Rich in Nutrients and Antioxidants

The rambutan fruit is rich in many vitamins, minerals and beneficial plant compounds. Its flesh provides around 1.3–2 grams of total fiber per 3.5 ounces (100 grams) — similar to what you would find in the same quantity of apples, oranges or pears. It’s also rich in vitamin C, a nutrient that helps your body absorb dietary iron more easily. This vitamin also acts as an antioxidant, protecting your body’s cells against damage. Eating 5–6 rambutan fruit will meet 50% of your daily vitamin C needs. Rambutan also contains a good amount of copper, which plays a role in the proper growth and maintenance of various cells, including those of your bones, brain and heart.

It offers smaller amounts of manganese, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron and zinc as well. Eating 3.5 ounces (100 grams) — or about four fruit — will meet 20% of your daily copper needs and 2–6% of the daily recommended amount of the other nutrients.

Promotes Healthy Digestion

Rambutan may contribute to a healthy digestion due to its fiber content. About half of the fiber in its flesh is insoluble, which means that it passes through your gut undigested. Insoluble fiber adds bulk to your stool and helps speed up intestinal transit, thus reducing your likelihood of constipation. The other half of the fiber is soluble. Soluble fiber provides food for your beneficial gut bacteria. In turn, these friendly bacteria produce short-chain fatty acids, such as acetate, propionate and butyrate, which feed the cells of your gut and can also reduce inflammation and improve symptoms of gut disorders.

May Aid Weight Loss

Just like most fruits, rambutan may prevent weight gain and promote weight loss over time. At around 75 calories and 1.3–2 grams of fiber per 3.5 ounces (100 grams), it’s relatively low in calories for the amount of fiber it provides . This can help keep you fuller for longer, which may reduce your likelihood of overeating and promote weight loss over time.

May Help Fight Infection

Test-tube studies show that it contains compounds that may protect your body against viruses and bacterial infections. For starters, it’s rich in vitamin C, which may encourage the production of the white blood cells your body needs to fight infection. Getting too little vitamin C in your diet can weaken your immune system, leaving you more prone to infections. What’s more, rambutan peel has been used for centuries to fight off infections. Test-tube studies show that it contains compounds that may protect your body against viruses and bacterial infections.


Centralia, Pennsylvania was once a thriving town with a blossoming coal industry where mining began as early as 1856. That was of course until 1962 when the coal mine was set ablaze, defying all attempts to put it out. The town went through such a rapid regression that it went on to become the inspiration for the hit movie renditions of Silent Hill. With such a sordid past the area definitely holds a few secrets, some of which you can find below.

1. The Centralia Fire Is Still Burning

The fire which caused the downfall of Centralia has been burning since at least May 27th, 1962, exactly 58 years to this day! The longevity of the blaze is due to the 8 mile stretch of coal deposits which when examined “thirty feet below the ground, the temperature has been clocked at close to 1,000 degrees“. Some reports say that the town could be on fire for at least another 250 years.

2. The Town May Also Be Haunted

If the literal hellscape brewing beneath Centralia wasn’t enough there are also reports of ghostly goings-on throughout the town’s history. Ruth Edderson, who visited in 1998 with her friend claims she saw the figure of a miner walking in the smoke before it disappeared. Scott Sailor also visited the town with friends who all apparently heard voices coming from the smoking hillside that apparently told them to “leave this place”. There are also stories of people hearing and seeing unexplainable occurrences whilst exploring the town’s abandoned homes.

3. Some People Still Live There

From its peak in 1940 where is was home to just under 2500 people, according to the last census in 2017 only 5 people still reside in the smoking wreckage that is modern-day Centralia. The town still holds services at its Ukrainian Catholic church which attracts worshippers from the surrounding towns.

4. Centralia Is Literally Collapsing In On Itself

If you look at the typical Centralia landscape there is almost always smoke spewing out of the ground. These toxic fumes killed off most of the vegetation and nothing can grow due to the amount of carbon monoxide circulating from below. On top of this, the burning of the coal veins has caused rapidly forming sinkholes and rampant destruction. You can’t stay in many parts of the town for too long where asphyxiation due to the air quality is a very real threat. In 1981 the mayor of the town himself succumbed to the toxic fumes and collapsed.

5. There Are Theories That Say The Fire May Have Been Started On Purpose

Some residents and online theorists have stated their belief that it was in fact the government who started the fire which ultimately destroyed the town. The theory is based around the way in which certain private businesses alongside the government needed the ever-growing population of Centralia out of the way to get to the lucrative coal deposits below. Later on, the businesses that were interested in the town’s resources offered to dig out the fire in return for the rights to mine. Other sources state that the initial attempts to put out the fire were intentionally lackluster in an ongoing plan to vacate the town.

Ranking The DCEU Movies, Redux

Having just watched The Flash a few days ago, I am now looking at ranking the DCEU movies in order of awesomeness. However I do have to say that at this point in time I haven’t yet watched a couple of them – Birds of Prey (2020 film) and the sequel to Aquaman and Blue Beetle is not yet out. Having said that, this is how I would rank them.

  1. Wonder Woman 1984
  2. Shazam!
  3. Justice League / Zack Snyder’s Justice League
  4. Aquaman
  5. The Flash
  6. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
  7. Man of Steel
  8. Wonder Woman 1984
  9. The Suicide Squad
  10. Shazam! Fury of the Gods
  11. Black Adam
  12. Suicide Squad

Should You Feel Guilty About Killing Spiders, Ants or Other Bugs?

Some people say no you cannot kill spiders, any or any other creepy crawly creatures. I dunno but if it’s me vs them, I’m gonna vote for me every time man. However, killing them just for the sake of doing so? That I do not know. I care for some animals, usually mammals, birds and such but certainly not bugs, snakes and other reptiles, spiders and other bugs. Especially ants, cockroaches, fly & mosquitoes.Now what instead would I want to be done to them?

Long time readers may know of the fictional future I have created in my mind for all of humanity. In that future humanity has left the earth (say sometime between the years 2500 to 3000) as the resources have started to dwindle quite badly and we have discovered a few exo-planets set in a solar system many light years away. Large bioships are constructed and the humans are housed in them in suites of their own so they can easily travel the lengthy journey from the earth to the new home. Ofcourse we take our beloved pets with us. Our cats, dogs, pet fish and similar animals are safely tucked in their beds next to ours when it is night time on these ships and we can easily feed and take care of them.

What about the other animals and bird? Shipped in bioships of their own and transported to one of the moons or planets we have earmarked as our new ones. Once we land on these planets & moons, the animals are kept in huge safaris and wild life reserves where they won’t be hunted for sport or anything. The humans go on to live in beautiful cities & towns on the planets. But we have left the creepy crawlies behind on earth where they can thrive without humans and other animals around and we never have to see them again. Done!

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Do Gorillas Belong in Zoos?

No. Animals do not belong in a zoo. As much I like being able to see the animal and as much as it brings wonder & awe in the eyes of children, I do not like animals in zoos. While zoos have put more importance on conservation and humane animal treatment in recent decades, some critics say it is cruel to keep animals in captivity. Critics argue that living in captivity takes away wild animals’ natural behavior and instincts.

I would like to see more safari or game reserves as they mostly known. Game reserves are large swaths of land whose ecosystems and native species are protected. The protections allow animals to live and reproduce at natural rates. Animals are allowed to roam free. While some game reserves allow traditional hunting safaris today, others limit visitors to a “photo safari,” where visitors can shoot photographs, not animals. Animals in all game reserves are protected from illegal hunting, which is a threat to many endangered species. Legal hunts are regulated by the government. Hunters must purchase licenses and are strictly limited to the type and number of animals they can hunt. Poachers, or hunters without licenses, kill animals for valuable body parts. Elephants, for example, are killed by poachers for their ivory tusks.

I assume that when humans start to colonize other planets and we find lush green forests and meadows for our animals, we will have them safely tucked in to their own paradise of land where they can roam and graze and hunt and procreate in safety. No one will hunt them or kill them for food or for fun. This is what I hope will happen.

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8 Facts About The Former Ninth Planet Pluto

1. Pluto was first discovered by a young research assistant in 1930

Photographic evidence of the former ninth planet was first sighted by 24-year-old research assistant Clyde Tombaugh at the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Ariz. Tombaugh’s ashes are aboard the New Horizons spacecraft that passed by Pluto on Tuesday. Astronomer Percival Lowell predicted Pluto’s existence 15 years prior to Tombaugh’s discovery–even charting its approximate location based on the irregularity of Neptune’s orbit.

2. An 11-year-old girl gave Pluto its name

When Venetia Burney’s grandfather told her the news of the newly discovered planet, she proposed the name Pluto, after the Roman god of the Underworld. It seemed fitting, for after all, Pluto the planet, like the God, sat at the far reaches of the solar system. Her grandfather was taken by the name and suggested it to a friend–conveniently an astronomy professor at Oxford University. Astronomers were particularly keen on Pluto because the first two letters of the word are Percival Lowell’s initials.

3. Pluto is smaller than Earth’s moon but larger than previously thought

Pluto is 1,473 miles in diameter, according to recent measurements obtained from New Horizons, while Earth’s moon has a diameter of 2,160 miles. Pluto is 18.5% the size of Earth.

4. Disney’s Pluto the dog was named after the former planet

Disney’s Pluto the dog debuted in the same year the former planet was discovered, but contrary to popular belief, the dog was named after Pluto the (ex)-planet, not vice versa. Disney animators speculated that Walt Disney chose the name to capitalize on the hubbub surrounding the new planet.

5. New Horizons, the first vessel devoted to studying Pluto’s environment, is the size of a grand piano

The New Horizons probe cost $700 million yet, weighing in at 1,000 pounds, is only the size of a grand piano. It completed the nine-year, 3-billion mile journey to Pluto on Tuesday morning, whizzing about 6,000 ft. from the dwarf planet at 31,000 mph, and snapping the closest pictures of Pluto to date as it passed.

6. Pluto has a heart shape on its surface

Images released on Tuesday by NASA show a heart shape that measures approximately 1,000 miles across. As NASA reports, “much of the heart’s interior appears remarkably featureless–possibly a sign of ongoing geologic processes.”

7. Pluto was demoted to dwarf planet status in 2006–but not for the commonly believed reason

The news of Pluto’s larger than expected size on Monday was particularly exciting to Pluto partisans because many believe the outsider was stripped of its planetary status because it was too small. However, Pluto was actually downgraded to dwarf planet because it’s simply not unique. Pluto is merely the brightest member of the Kuiper Belt, a mass of objects that orbit the sun beyond Neptune.

8. Scientists discovered the Solar System’s third zone because of Pluto

While Pluto’s frigid neighbors are responsible for its solar system downfall, they are also what make the New Horizons vision so compelling. As Jeff Moore said, “Pluto may be the star witness to the whole third zone of the solar system.” Before the discovery of the Kuiper Belt, the solar system was believed to be comprised of two zones: the inner zone, containing the rocky planets from Mercury to Mars, and the outer zone, containing the gas giants from Jupiter to Neptune. However, Pluto exposed astronomers to our solar system’s third zone, which Moore referred to as a “vast realm of ice worlds.”

Five WordPress Tips For Beginners

Choose Your Hosting

This covers a wide range of tips in itself, but finding the right hosting provider for your WordPress site is absolutely essential for success. Without hosting, your site can’t go live on the internet. That’s not the only reason it’s important. Your hosting provider needs to give you enough resources to handle your site traffic, avoid crashes and downtime as much as possible, and give you fast site speeds. First, you need to find the right hosting plan for your site – there are several different types, with different levels of features. There are WordPress specific hosting plans, which will make setting up and running your site easier.

Watch Theme Demos

When you’re choosing your theme, it’s a good idea to make use of theme demos. This way, you can view a theme – and sometimes even try it out – before committing to it. Your theme forms the basis of your website’s design, so it’s important to choose one that you like, that suits your project, and that you will actually enjoy using. Yes, you can customize WordPress, but unless you’re skilled in coding or are working with a developer, it’s sensible to start out with a suitable theme. Simply find a theme you like the look of, click “View Demo” or “Live Demo,” and you can see how it would look online. If you like the theme and decide to import it, you can then edit the demo content to make the theme truly your own!

Install an SEO Plugin

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is critical for the success of any website. Without SEO, your site won’t rank highly in the search results – not ideal for growing your audience! Unless you’re a real tech pro, and perhaps even then, you’ll probably need a helping hand with your SEO. Installing an SEO plugin can make your life much easier, and your site much more successful. These plugins can analyze your content and keywords, and manage all the technical stuff like sitemaps and robots.txt for you. Just go to the WordPress Plugin Directory and find an SEO plugin that suits you.

Pick Your Theme Carefully

There are tons of themes available for you to choose from, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the quantity. Our top tip is to be picky, and only look at quality themes. Always read the reviews, pick one that suits your project, and don’t be afraid to pay for a premium theme. It’s essential you pick a mobile-responsive theme – if you don’t, you’ll run into problems with Google down the line, and give your mobile users a poor online experience. Some themes come pre-packed with features. While this might be appealing, be careful – these themes can really slow your site speeds down, which is a big issue you really want to avoid. Be picky, be minimal, and in the end you should be happy with your theme. If not, don’t worry – you can easily switch later!

Stay Upated

You’ve probably heard of the famed WordPress updates, but what are they really all about? WordPress updates its software regularly to keep its platform secure. Minor updates occur around every two weeks, while major updates happen roughly once a month. You don’t need to worry too much over those minor updates – that’s just WordPress making tweaks and fixing little bugs. But you should check for updates regularly, to make sure you haven’t missed anything new – otherwise, your site can become outdated and vulnerable to nasty bugs. Simply go to your WordPress dashboard, where it’ll tell you if you need to update your plugins, themes, or version of WordPress. There’ll be handy “update now” buttons to keep things nice and easy. Always make sure to backup your site before updating, and again after you’ve finished.

Unplanned Going To The Office & A McDonald’s Visit

I had to go to the office for a couple of hours yesterday even though I was off. On Friday night I got to know about something that I had missed and that it was due on Monday. I wasn’t sure how I managed to miss this and hence I just had to go in on Saturday. So I woke up at 7 am, an hour later than I usually do for this shift and got ready by 10 am post having a shower, a shave and breakfast. I booked an Uber a little after that and reached the office by 10:45 am.


Most of the people from the night shift had already left by then and I only saw a handful of folks slowly making their way out of the elevator. I went in, put my bag and phone away and grabbed a work desktop on the 5th floor production floor and plugged in my laptop as well. I logged in and started on the 1st of 8 tasks. By 11:45 am I wanted a coffee but instead got a cold boost & banana smoothie, which did not taste all that well. I was feeling a bit hungry so I had a small bite to eat but I was saving room for lunch.

I had finished 3 tasks by then and got back to finishing the remaining 5 tasks. 3 of them were done very quickly, much to my surprise and I knew that I would finish much earlier than I expected. I was done by 1pm and then closed everything after making sure there was nothing else left. I was done at the front door 20 minutes later and booked a cab, which took over 20 minutes as there as a traffic block near the office. I got my cab and then headed to the McDonald’s in Vytilla.


I haven’t had an McDonalds in over 7 months, maybe almost 8. I haven’t been to a McDonalds since before the pandemic lockdowns. I wanted to go in and it was a busy afternoon for them. I ordered a new burger that they had, a Piri Piri Spicy McChicken and some 6 nuggets with a regular mocha frappe. Now I have never had any coffee from McDonalds other than a cappuccino before this. And I love their cappuccino. This one is really good as well. I enjoyed that with my burger and nuggets. Even though the place was noisy and crowded, I enjoyed my lunch and then came home to change, put on the ac as it was a hot day and slip between the sheets to watch Ace Ventura : Pet Detective.