Leap Castle is located in County Offaly. Proudly listed as ‘the world’s most haunted castle’ on its website, it is safe to say this majestic manor has quite the name for itself. Standing strong for over 700 years, this 13th-century castle has been witness to a tumultuous history. It has stood through bloody histories and lives lost, love affairs, and babies born. Many ghost stories are associated with it. This castle is open to visitors, where they can take the leap castle tour and explore the history and stories related to it closely.

Various stories are associated with when the castle’s main tower was constructed, but most likely, it was built around the 1250s. The castle was built by the O’Bannon Clan. It was initially called “Leap of the O’Bannons”. In 1922, the castle was destroyed during the Irish Civil War. It remained untouched until 1974, when Peter Bartlett, an Australian descendant of the O’Bannon Clan, bought it. He worked on the castle’s restoration until he died in 1989. Later, Sean and Anne Ryan purchased the castle. Now, it is a privately owned castle that is open to the public.

Leap Castle Bloody Chapel is the most popular part of the castle because of its various haunted stories. This is the place where O’Carroll’s sons killed his priest brother because he was performing mass in the chapel to gain power. It is believed to be an awful murder. Now, it is a burnt-out shell. Many visitors have reported noticing light streaming from the barren windows at night. Some have also reported witnessing the ghost of the priest lurking in the stairway near the chapel. Leap Castle visitors and owners have confirmed that it has some supernatural presence. Most of the castle tours are also related to castle ghosts. It is believed to be the most haunted castle in Ireland.

The Bloody Chapel, Priest’s House, Emily & Charlotte, The Governess, The Murdered Women, The Red Lady, and The Elemental- Many Ghost Stories are related to the castle. You must explore ghostly history before visiting the castle to make your visit thrilling.