My Favourite Things To Do As A Child

What was your favorite thing to do as a child?

I guess one of my favourite things to do was read a lot of comics and books. I was a bookworm and I was quite happy to spend hours in a nice comfy chair or in my bed reading book after book, usually with some music playing in the background. My relatives found it easy to give me gifts – just get him a book to read, was what they would say!

Another favourite thing was ofcourse being lost in watching cartoons or some of my favourite tv shows that I watched growing up. We used to record them on VHS tapes and hence I could watch them for ages after they aired on the tv. Other than cartoons I loved The A-Team, Knight Rider, V and comedy shows like Mind Your Language. Awesome time during the 80s to watch some fun tv shows.

Other than that was spending time with my cousins. I loved the times that we played football or cricket in mornings of our holidays and board games in the evening post tea and then watch movies together as a group at night. Those were some awesome times.

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