Coffee Cup Collection Addiction

I do have a weird relationship with coffee cups. I just can’t control myself. I have a few coffee cup that are just mine – only I drink coffee or tea from it. And I do like my hot beverages and enjoy the drinking of them. I also have this thing about having separate coffee cups for myself, that only I am allowed to drink from.

At the moment I have such 6 such cups and I have a new one coming my way – the one that you see on the left over here.  Why? Because I like the design pattern on it. Other than he fact that the colours look nice & pretty, it also has the letter “R” on it and since that is the begining letter of my name, it feels like something that I would want. Overall I do just love the look of the cup.

Now I have a crazy idea – this seller/brand has mugs with all the letters of the alphabet. How about I buy another 5 more with the letters “O”, “S”, “H”, “A” and “N” to spell out my name? That seems like a cool idea isn’t it?