5 Steps To Throw A Farewell Party For A Colleague

Step 1: See Why They’re Leaving

Of course, there can be several reasons an employee leaves the organization. Knowing that reason is the first step to help you decide what kind of farewell party you want for them. For instance, if the person is leaving because they’ve retired, the farewell should be more retirement-themed. If they’re leaving because of a transfer, the party will call for something different. Decide the theme of the party from the reason for leaving.

Step 2: Decide the Venue 

Once you’ve decided on the theme, see where the party is going to take place. Now, there’s no need to be fancy choosing a venue for the farewell party. The venue can be as simple as your home where you can gather all your favorites. Next, prepare the guest list and send out the invites. You may want to do this in advance because guests need time to prepare for the party.

Step 3: Don’t Forget Refreshments

You’re planning a going-away party and refreshments are a must. How far you want to go up with that is totally up to you. It could be a pizza party or a night of sushi, it all depends on your guests and your budget of course.

Step 4: Keep the Party Alive

Whether it’s a virtualor a physical one, you wouldn’t want your guests to be bored while they’re at the party right? You need to prepare some games for the party. Think maybe a board game, setting up a booth for taking a photo with the guest(s) of honor, or how about seeing old photos of your journey with them and reminiscing the good times? More ideas are given below.

Step 5: Prepare Gifts 

There is no better way to make an employee feel loved than by purchasing them useful goodbye gifts. Gifts for the person who’s going away will go a long way in helping them always remember you. For instance, if they’re moving to a new place, they’ll love a useful gift for their new home.

Pizza Berlusconi : Pizza From Finland With Reindeer Meat

In 2005, former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi declared that Finns ate only “marinated reindeer.” He also described the Finnish diet as something he “endured” on a visit to the Nordic nation. Finns responded to the diplomatic faux pas by creating an Italian dish in homage to Berlusconi. And what could be more Italian than pizza? Almost anything, at least compared to “Pizza Berlusconi.”

Kotipizza, based in Vaasa, Finland, created the prime minister’s namesake pizza. It originally featured a rye crust smothered in smoked reindeer, cheese, red onion, and chanterelle mushrooms. Three years after the politician publicly slandered Finland’s culinary heritage, Kotipizza won an international pizza contest held in New York City. Their entry of Pizza Berlusconi even beat Italy.

The Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, called the pizza a “blood revenge” by the Finns. They praised it as innovative and delicious but speculated that it may not sit well with Berlusconi. The newspaper reported that Kotipizza was advertising its Berlusconi pizzas with headlines that read: “97-year-old grandmother bites into Berlusconi” and “Minister stabs Berlusconi with a fork.” The newspaper admitted that the Finns’ anger was justified, especially since Berlusconi’s gaffes reveal his cultural ignorance.