It Was A Long Long Time Ago In Thrikkakara

Let’s go back in time…You’re 15, it’s Saturday night. What are you up to?

Phew! That’s a long journey back in time to when I was 15 – 1991 to 1992. The years of great music, music videos and great movies. The launch of cable tv in India was in 1991 and by 1992 we got cable in our homes. It as a fun time. Holidays and vacations I and my sister loved to spend time with our cousins and by extension our uncles and aunts.

But we are talking about the weekend. Saturday nights at the age of 15 I never really went out much unless it was with my family or my close cousins. I only went out to a movie with a friend that year. I usually stayed in at home on the weekends, unless we had some relatives come over or we had a family event. On a typical Saturday evening, I would be up in my room listening to rock music and perhaps reading a book.

I would come down to the living room for dinner with the family. Usually we would look for a movie to watch, either on the VCR or if we got lucky those years, we might get a good movie that the fledgling cable company would broadcast. Post dinner it would usually just be me and my sis and we had a cousin also staying with us that year, watching movies or something until it was time for bed.