Star Trek : Lower Decks – Replicate Yourself As A Starfleet Officer In The Animated Show

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What I Have Been Watching Lately & Planning Ahead

What shows are you watching lately? Make a top 10 list (shows on Netflix, Thanksgiving movies, classic TV shows to re-watch, etc).

I can’t say that I have a 10 ten list of shows that I am currently watching. I don’t get that much free time to sit or lie back and watch tv that much. Anyways, I just completed – after a long, long gap – the 8 episodes of Star Wars Ahsoka. It wasn’t the best but then what is? I am about to start Loki in a day or two but I also want to get back to watching Star Trek shows and other favourite shows that I have watched before. Like Buffy and Flashpoint and Farscape.

I also finished the recently concluded Star Trek Lower Decks and am watching season 1 of the new show which is a sequel to Frasier, Frasier 2023. Speaking off, two nights ago I started watching the original Frasier off my dvds. It’s so much funnier than the new one. However I do need to adjust my timings to make sure that I get enough time to relax and watch all these shows. Planning to watch them all is one thing but actually doing that is different. Maybe this weekend I should try and get to watching a couple of these shows.

I will talk about movies in a new blog post. I can never plan them well. I have been planning to rewatch all the Star Trek movies as well as get to Lord Of The Rings rewatch – I have been meaning to rewatch both have been planning it for so long I wonder when will I ever get round to do it. I think a 3 day weekend I should get around to watching the 3 Lord Of The Ring movies.