Top 3 Countries That Have Produced The Most Serial Killers

3. South Africa with 117 serial killers are in third position globally. Moses Sithole has the reputation of being one of the most brutal serial killers of South Africa. He committed 38 murders and 40 rapes.

2. England sit at number 2 with 166 serial killers. In England, the worst serial killer in history is a woman serial killer, Angel Maker. She killed nearly 400 babies in the 19th century under the impression of running foster care for children born to unwed mothers.

1. The USA has a staggering figure of 3,204 serial killers. That is approximately 19 times more serial killers than the next country on list England. In the US, serial killers are mostly White (73%), with a large minority of Black(22%), and some Hispanic(3%), with an average age of 33.44 years. The most common method used by serial killers in the US is shooting, strangulation, poisoning, and stabbing. Some of the notable serial killers in the US are John Wayne Gacy is known to have murdered a minimum of 33 teenage boys and young men between 1972 and 1978, 26 of whom he buried in the crawl space of his Chicago home. Samuel Little Рthe FBI later confirmed a total of 60 murders linked to Little.

Ted Bundy as an American serial killer known for his charisma and good looks. He officially confessed to 30 homicides, but had confessed to killing 35‚Äď36 women in the past, and some estimates run upwards of 100 or more. Gary Ridgway was a truck painter who confessed to killing 71 women. He was also known as The “Green River Killer”. He almost exclusively targeted¬†sex workers¬†from¬†Seattle and was convicted of killing 49. Juan Corona was convicted of murdering ranch laborers and burying them in orchards. He was sentenced to 25 terms life imprisonment convicted of killing 25.