10 Fun Facts About The Indomitable Haggis

1) Although haggis is normally made with a sheep’s heart, liver, lungs and kidneys with onions and oats, in 1984 the first vegan haggis was launched.

2) Haggis can be found in other European countries but the recipe is different. Norway’s version of haggis is vegetarian and is made from beans and lentils.

3) Importing haggis to the USA was made illegal in 1971.

4) The most haggis is sold in England and not Scotland. The dish is particularly popular in London.

5) In 2003, a study revealed that up to a third of American visitors to Scotland thought haggis was a real animal.

6) Don’t fancy trying actual haggis? You can buy haggis flavoured crisps and ice cream!

7) Hall’s of Scotland made the world’s largest haggis in 2014, weighing 2,226 lb 10 oz—that’s as heavy as a small car.

8) Even though haggis is the national dish of Scotland, it wasn’t invented by the Scots. There is proof that it was invented by the Romans and that the Greeks had something very similar.

9) Haggis hurling is an actual sport. In June 2011, Lorne Coltart set the record, hurling his haggis an impressive 217 feet. The record still hasn’t been beaten!

10) Ireland, France, Spain and Hong Kong are the biggest buyers of haggis outside the UK.

Back To The Grind After New Year’s Day!

Just an update from the last one. I went back to work on the 2nd of January and due to a procession happening in the same area as my office, I went in earlier than my usual evening shift. I left home by 2 pm and reached there by 2:30 pm – the procession was to happen after 3 – and plugged in my laptop and started going through emails to start work.

Ofcourse going back to work after a 3 day weekend – and especially New Year’s – is so tough but I had plenty to do. I took a coffee break at 4:30 pm and the rest of the team joined me by 6:30 pm. We talked about stuff and continued work until almost 10 when we took a break for dinner. Just after that I found out that I would have to come to work in the morning at 8:30 am to cover for a colleague who is away as his father-in-law is hospitalized.

So the past couple of days I have been going to work early and leaving at 5:30 pm. I can tell you this – boy it is so tiring getting up early now. My body has not adjusted back to the timings and it is brutal trying to function without the sleep I need. So glad that it is the weekend now and I can catch up on my sleep.