10 Steps For A Sunday Night Routine To Make A Great Start To The Week 

Someone people take Sundays getting themselves organized, refreshed, and reset for the new week that is approaching. Some say & believe that making good routines and habits is the key to a successful life!

Step 1: Take a Relaxing Shower

A recommended way to set the mood for the perfect Sunday night is by winding down with a relaxing shower routine. I always feel so refreshed and rejuvenated after taking a nice shower.

Step 2: Tidy Up Your Space

After a shower and freshening up and head into your room and do a quick tidy. Pick up clothes that are on the floor, organize you desk  and put away anything else that is left out. I love to start my week with a clean space. Having a tidy home allows you to have a tidy mind! So, to give yourself the best start to the week possible, make sure your area is all picked up!

Step 3: Plan Meals and Groceries

Do a big grocery restock on Sunday or Monday. If you didn’t do it during the day on Sunday, definitely make a plan during you Sunday night routine. To make a grocery list, always start with a meal plan for the week. At the least, make a rough idea of some simple dinner ideas that you want to make that week.

Step 4 : Prep Healthy Snacks

While I’m in the food frame of mind, I like to go ahead and prep some healthy snacks for the week. If I don’t take the time to make some nutritious snacks for myself, I know I’ll snack on foods that don’t make me feel as good! I’d rather plan ahead and make some energizing and nutrient-packed foods for the week! Some favorites are overnight oats, energy balls, and fresh fruit! I always make sure to pre-wash my fruit and store it in produce keepers to keep it fresh all week long… That way I can just grab and go!

Step 5: Plan Your Week

I am not a huge planner. Some love planning out my months, weeks, and days ahead of time. Every Sunday night, make an effort to do a brief overview of you week ahead. This is nothing super intense or intricate… just a basic outline of the week’s to-dos. Then, throughout the week you can add to it. Use a planner to plan the big things down. Any due dates, classes, work meetings, appointments, etc… all the things that feel solid and sure to not change!

Step 6: Make Tomorrow’s Breakfast

A lot of people always like to plan and prep a healthy breakfast for the next morning. This isn’t something I ALWAYS do… if I know I’ll have extra time in the morning I will plan to make breakfast then. But it can be really helpful to have something prepped if you have a busy morning coming. A big favorite is overnight oats, but you can make whatever sounds best to you!

Step 7: Fill Up Vitamin Containers

I have a couple of vitamins and a Calcium supplement that I take on a daily basis. I notice a huge difference in how I feel when I up my vitamin routine. The only way I stick with this is if I have them all laid out for me. I always take 5 minutes of my Sunday night to fill my pill container for the week ahead. The  importance of vitamins is mind-blowing! Getting on a good vitamin routine is so important for you and your health! Again, setting them all out and getting them organized for the week every Sunday night helps me stay on top of it!

Step 8: Prepare for the Morning

There are always a few small things we can do at night to prepare for a successful morning. If I am being honest, this is just something routine that I like to do almost every night to set myself up for a successful day. This applies to my Sunday night routine too – I just go a bit more in-depth. Keep in mind that I am preparing for a new WEEK, not just a fresh DAY.

Some of these things include:

  • Ironing a shirt an keeping it on a hanger
  • Planning for my breakfast & coffee for the morning
  • Set intentional alarms
  • Clean my water bottle

Step 9: Take Time to Relax

One of the best parts of a Sunday night is the time to relax before you get back to business in the new week. So be sure that you are taking some time to relax and refresh in your Sunday night routine. Relax with a favourite movie, maybe a rom-com or a comedy but be sure to not stay up late into the night. Some might love to relax by reading! No phones, no work, no stress… just relaxation! You deserve the rest. You are setting yourself up and filling your tank for a great week!

Step 10: Get to Sleep

Getting enough sleep is one of the most important things you can do to prepare for a successful week. Resting is essential for your productivity, happiness, health, and overall wellness. Make sure you are prioritizing sleep, especially if you are looking to get yourself ready for a new week.