Why You Should Blog In 2024


You can absolutely earn good money from blogging. Bloggers monetize their blogs in a multitude of different ways – typically a combination of advertising, affiliate links, sponsored posts, products and services. Bloggers who work hard and focus on monetizing their blogs often earn much more money from blogging than they could ever hope to earn in traditional jobs.


Becoming known as an expert and an authority in your niche can open all sorts of doors for you – for example: media opportunities, brand partnerships, sponsored posts, book deals, money-can’t-buy this type experiences and more.


The beautiful thing about blogging is that you don’t have to start off being an expert – many very popular blogs were started by people who did not have any expertise, but went on to develop their expertise in the course of their blogging journey. For example, weight loss bloggers who started their blogs to document the steps they were taking to lose weight and who now use their blogs to teach others how to lose weight. Or finance bloggers who started their blogs to share how they were trying to pay off their mortgage early and now teach others how to manage their finances.


It’s a bit of a cliché, I’ll grant you – but it still holds true. Blogging gives you a creative outlet to share your thoughts, ideas and passions. It’s rather like having your own magazine, where you are both the writer and the editor. You get to decide what goes into your online magazine AND you get to write all the articles too. Your creativity and personality are not curbed by a boss or an editor – you have the creative freedom to write what you like.


Whether you have a business, a charity or a cause you feel passionate about, you need an audience. By writing regular high-quality blog content and growing your search engine traffic and authority you will begin to attract the right people to your website – people who are interested in what you have to say, people who might be interested in buying your products or services, supporting your charity or joining you in your cause. A blog gives you a forum to share your ideas, market your business and establish your credibility.

Five Hobbies That You Can Take Up In 2024

1. Blogging : Did you know that a lot of people blog just for fun? You can start a blog and express your thoughts on whatever topic you want. Feel like cracking a joke about the corporate world? Go right ahead. The best thing about hobby blogging is that there is no pressure to follow a certain format or schedule, so your brain feels brighter and happier. What’s more, you can practice blogging from the comfort of your home.

2. Reading : Had a rough week? Grab a book, curl up in bed, and see the world through someone else’s eyes. Studies show that just six minutes of reading can reduce stress levels by 60 percent. Seriously, reading is one of the best hobby ideas for relieving feelings of anxiety and fatigue. And it doesn’t cost much either. You can get old books for practically nothing at your local library.

3. Learning a new language : Few hobbies are more helpful in today’s global world than learning a new language. App developers have made learning another language fun and engaging (example: DuoLingo), and some podcasts even record current events at a snail’s pace to help listeners practice their listening skills.

4. Gardening : Gardening is the perfect hobby to enjoy more fresh air and to grow your own produce. All it takes to start is an inexpensive pack of seeds, fertilizer, soil, and basic gardening tools. If you’re new to gardening, growing some herbs or even just flowers is a pretty good starting point.

5. Playing an instrument : Playing an instrument is one of the best hobby examples because it is relaxing and can bring you and others joy. Masterclass has courses for singing, ukulele, guitar, production, mixing, drumming, violin, and composing from people like Itzhak Perlman, Danny Elfman, and Christina Aguilera, but you can always make up your own music like internet sensation Abby the Spoon Lady.

Scariest Places In The World : Skinwalker Ranch, Utah (Part 2)

5. The Shermans experienced it all

Under the tenure of the Shermans, everything and anything occurred on the ranch. From crop circles and poltergeist activity to cow mutilations and skinwalker sightings, not a day seemed to go by without something out of the ordinary taking place. The Shermans would often hear disembodied voices speaking directly above them and on many occasions, the night’s sky would randomly light up. Cows quite literally disappeared, their hoof marks coming to an end in the snow with no sign of the creatures anywhere to be seen.

One night, the Shermans’ cattle came under attack by what looked like a large wolf. Several shots were fired into the creature who eventually slunk away into the night, seemingly unharmed with no signs of blood trails. UFO sightings were commonplace for the Shermans and sometimes they turned deadly. Flying glowing blue orbs were spotted throughout the property and on one occasion, Terry Sherman encouraged his dogs to chase one of these objects. After disappearing into the undergrowth, audible yelps were heard and the dogs never returned. Upon inspection of the area, Terry found scorched earth and strange greasy blobs, which he presumed to be the charred remains of his pets.

6. A millionaire UFO enthusiast brought the ranch

In 1996, the Shermans decided to up sticks and leave but before they did they spoke with local media outlets telling them the story of what was going on at the ranch. This was the first time the property started to make waves and it wasn’t long before it had caught the attention of Las Vegas real-estate magnate and aerospace engineer Robert Bigelow. Bigelow purchased the ranch for a reported fee of $200,000. Bigelow had recently founded the National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS), a privately financed research organisation dedicated to the scientific study of paranormal phenomena. After purchasing the ranch, Bigelow and NIDS got straight to work bringing in hi-tech equipment and setting up 24-hour surveillance on the property.

7. Bigfoot has been reportedly sighted on the ranch

One of the NIDS investigators claimed to spot a creature one night that very much resembled the famed American hominoid known as Bigfoot. Biochemist Colm Kelleher spotted the creature spying on him from a nearby tree approximately 50 yards away. After Kelleher fired a shot off at the beast it quickly disappeared. Inspecting where Bigfoot had stood, Kelleher discovered deep tracks in the snow of around six inches in diameter that strangely included claw marks as if from a bird of prey.

8. The ranch sold for $4.5 million

After several years the NIDS team was unable to categorically prove the stories of Terry and Gwen Sherman. However, several researchers claimed to experience paranormal events, many of which caused equipment to fail, preventing vital evidence from being captured. In 2016, Bigelow sold the ranch for a reported $4.5 million to Adamantium Holdings, the current owner who trademarked the property ‘Skinwalker Ranch’.

It’s The Same Ole Boring Day On Jan 1st

Well I hope you have had a wonderful New Year’s Eve celebration. January 1st is usually the day that I take to reflect back on things that have happened in the past year. Usually I drink on New Year’s Eve but keep sober on Jan 1st. That has always been a tradition for me. Well, I had plans to get some beers for New Year’s but a chest infection meant that I abandoned those plans. Anyways, yesterday was not unlike any other day off when I stay indoors.

Woke up only by 10 am and after breakfast, coffee and a 12 pm tea, I decided that I didn’t want a heavy lunch. I had a little rice with left over chicken from the previous night’s dinner. The afternoon I spent watching the James Bond movie Octopussy. Evening I took a shower, leisurely spent time on my evening coffee and then a black tea. My sister and niece sent over some samosas for evening tea, as they had ordered some from a place and enjoyed them so much that they wanted to share.

Nothing much happened throughout the evening. I just played music and interacted on Facebook mostly and also watched a few crime documentaries on Youtube. We had a quick and light dinner, then I took my medicines and ate some fruit. I went to bed by around 11:45 pm and watched some reels on my phone. By 1:30 am I was falling asleep so I got up and switched off the lights and went to sleep.

Fulham 2 Arsenal 1

Arsenal missed the chance to go top of the Premier League at new year with a disappointing defeat at Fulham. Bukayo Saka put the Gunners ahead inside five minutes but Raul Jimenez equalised on his return from suspension, before Bobby Decordova-Reid scrambled home the winner on the hour. The loss left Arsenal fourth and two points behind leaders Liverpool, who host Newcastle on New Year’s Day. Fulham are 13th after ending a run of three straight defeats. Arsenal made the perfect start with a fifth-minute opener following a quick break. Gabriel Martinelli’s curling shot from the left was palmed out by former Gunners keeper Bernd Leno, and Saka stuck out his right leg to loop the ball into the net from six yards.

But Fulham reacted well and equalised in the 29th minute when Willian, another ex-Arsenal player in the home ranks, fed captain Tom Cairney down the left and his dangerous low cross was swept in by Jimenez. Marco Silva’s men claimed a deserved winner from a corner when Decordova-Reid stabbed a finish past David Raya following pinball in the box – condemning Arsenal to consecutive losses following the 2-0 home defeat by West Ham on Thursday. This result and performance was the closing act of a dismal Christmas period for Mikel Arteta and Arsenal, in which they have failed to win in three successive Premier League matches for the first time this season.

They have picked up just one point over the past eight days, and would find themselves five behind leaders Liverpool should the Reds beat Newcastle. Given Arsenal were top at Christmas after taking a point at Anfield on 23 December, it represents a worrying turnaround which Arteta will need to address quickly. He did make changes here from the loss against West Ham, including starting Eddie Nketiah up front in place of the benched Gabriel Jesus. But while Nketiah again showed plenty of endeavour, he struggled to make a meaningful impact in attack as Arsenal continue to lack a cutting edge, which will only heighten talk of Arteta needing to sign another striker in January. Saka’s goal made him the club’s top scorer in the league with six.


Every year on January 1st, I post about the first 11 songs that I listen to on my Mp3 player on my system. I pick them at random or like today when I specifically selected a couple of songs because I was thinking about them. This year, like the last few, I listened to them on Youtube instead of from my mp3 collection.

  • The Other Side Of The Rainbow – Extreme
  • The Alien – Dream Theatre
  • In The Army Now – Status Quo
  • Fear & Cowardice – Big Wreck
  • Calling Elvis – Dire Straits
  • Gold Dust – Tori Amos
  • I’m Movin On – Terri Clark
  • Solace Of You – Living Colour
  • River – Sarah McLachlan
  • SugarMan – Regina Spektor
  • Master Of Puppets – Metallica (live in Riyadh)

How We Celebrated New Year’s Eve

It was one of those quite, boring New Year’s Eve that I knew it was going to be. Why? Because well, that’s what it has been for the past few years and I didn’t see anything that would change that. So I woke up at around 9 am and then after coffee and grilled cheese sandwiches for breakfast, I just lazed around and watched vlogs and music videos. In the afternoon for lunch we had chicken sandwiches with a bit of fries, leftover from the previous night’s dinner. Then I watched Star Wars : The Empire Strikes Back while lying in bed.

Evening my sister & niece came for a visit and brought some snacks. As we munched on them and coffee, I ordered a Butterscotch cake before heading in for a shower. I made my niece cut and serve the cake – because she is the cake and ice cream girl – and then they left. As I played more songs on my system, I switched on the tv to watch football. I ordered Chinese for dinner. Chicken noodle, Crispy chicken with Honey Sauce and chilli potato. The latter was not that good at all. Once dinner was done and the game was done, I decided to just play songs till it was midnight.

At midnight I ofcourse sent out a few Happy New Year wishes on Facebook and Twitter and Whatspp. I went to bed and watched some reels for an hour before going to sleep as I was getting really tired, what with the chest infection I have been suffering from. And that was it!