Long Break From Work As I Get 5 Days Off

So this week has been an odd one. This week and the next being very light in terms of work, I thought it would be a nice time to take a couple of days off to rest and recharge. My initial plan was the take Wednesday i.e, yesterday the 25th of April off and the 26th was a holiday anyways being the election day for the state. And ofcourse I could combine it with Saturday and Sunday and have a relaxing four days off. However as there was a program at the office scheduled for Thursday, I as told to take Monday off and relax for 4 days.

Well, health intervened as On Tuesday I fell ill. Due to or atleast aided on by the dust that seemed to be coming in through the vents at the office and perhaps that it was a bit more colder than I expected or like, I started sneezing very badly and by late night I had a bad case of the head cold. Wednesday morning I woke up with a fever and I took a sick day. Thursday I wasn’t that recovered and therefore I took yesterday off as well. Waking up late, sleeping in the afternoon and not doing much other than being online and drinking loads of hot coffee.

Today I am much better so I do have 3 days to enjoy myself. I was planning on going out today but changed my mind at the last minute. I just stayed in and watched a movie – Goodfellas – and took it easy Light lunch and light dinner as we did have some KFC for dinner a day earlier. Tomorrow I might step out for a little while an maybe drop in to Starbucks and have a little chill out drinking a frappe.

Scariest Places In The World : The Dark Star Caves, Uzbekistan

One of the vast caverns in Dark Star is a scary places – a huge cave system tucked inside the Baisun-Tau mountain range in an isolated region of Uzbekistan. Political instability and its remote location have kept the depths of Dark Star (named after a 1974 sci-fi comedy film) hidden from human eyes. But in 1990, a British team managed to reach one of the entrancesand so exploration of this dark underworld began. Around 17km of passages, along with additional entrances, have since been discovered, but all of the openings sit halfway up a 200m-high limestone cliff. And just getting to the base camp at its foot is a long and treacherous journey.

160km along part of the ancient Silk Road towards Samarqand, at the foot of the Baisun-Tau mountain range. More is known about the relief of Mars than about what is hidden under the surface of the Earth. Kruber Cave in the Republic of Georgia is currently the deepest known cave, reaching 7208 feet. But Dark Star, with so many areas yet to be explored, is a prime candidate for this title. To date, eight expeditions have identified nearly 11 miles of Dark Star passages, the deepest of which is about 3,000 feet below the earth’s surface. As you might expect from a cave system so big, it’s dark. Really dark. The light from the surface is mostly absorbed and diffused by the time you get into the lower cave, leaving you in total darkness.

And though the caves have been fully mapped, unless you’re a professional with deep knowledge of Dark Star, there’s a good chance of getting lost in the twisting labyrinth. Your usual navigation devices won’t work with that much natural insulation between you and the cell towers and satellites that provide your position data, and if you run out of battery power for your flashlight, you’ll be left entirely blind. Something about starving inside a miles-long stone coffin doesn’t sound very pleasant, so it’s best to leave the Dark Star Cave excursions to the professionals.