FEDEX SCAM CALLS : Scammers Pretending To Be From FedEX Or Other Couriers

Hello I just received a SCAM call by some guy pretending to be a rep for FedEx International based out of Mumbai. The call was routed via a route IVR that said press 1 to speak in English and 2 to speak in Hindi I got connected to some guy who said that there was an issue with one of my package from FedEx. I was expecting a couple of packages from Amazon and usually they come via Amazon Logistics but from time to time I do get a package from some 3rd party seller who uses Delhivery or DHL. So I thought that this was one of them but international?

It has been ages since I placed an order from abroad. So I told him that I wasn’t expecting anything from an international destination when he said that it as a package that I had sent. Having not shipped anything to anyone, I told him that it wasn’t me as I haven’t sent anything via FedEx. He then said that it as through the FedEx office in Mumbai. I told him that was impossible as I had not been to Mumbai in over 40 years, 43 atleast! So he says the issue or the claim : a package containing some “illegal items” has been confiscated by Indian customs. On saying that I haven’t sent anything, he says then my Aadhar has been leaked and someone has been using my details to use it for such nefarious purposes.

As I was suspicious, I was checking Google for FedEx Scam an found the same details mentioned as in my call. My suspicions now confirmed I then spent 2 minutes spewing the finest swear words aka FOUL MOUTH TIRED aka FOUR LETTER WORDS at this despicable scum sucking excuse of a human, I then disconnected the call. Fuck him and his scam and people just be aware!