Starting A New Process & Client At Work,New Work Laptop

So, wish me luck on a new adventure – well sort off. I’ve been at my current company for 9.5 years now and I worked for a client process (a huge Multinational that all of you are very familiar with) for over 7 of that! A couple of weeks ago, a couple of months after me asking for priority on day shifts due to my health, I was told that I could move to a new process that would start in Kochi at our offices in June. I agreed after thinking about it and last week, it was confirmed to me. I informed my teammates and some other people in my process that I would be making the move.

So this Monday I moved to the new project and client that is just starting up in our office. It’s a huge relief to be free of the previous one as the paper work is quite demanding and they make silly decisions. I had wanted a change mainly due to my health issue – my doctor even suggested that I should avoid late night work. With this new project I get that plus I will be working from home a lot once things settle. I started and completed the training that a trainer from our Alexandria, Egypt offices took me through. As this process is already up and running for almost 2 years in Egypt they will be guiding us for the initial months.

So the past 5 days I have been sitting with this lady and learning the process. Thursday I got my new work laptop, which is an HP Probook 14 in device. I have gotten it setup and got myself partly certified on the process. Next week, I will shadow this trainer while she trains the first 16 new employees on the process and I will also complete the second part of my certification.