Jane in the Rain

There are two rock concerts happening in Cochin today.

One is today by Red Rain – a Christian Rock band from New Zealand and the other is by Cochin natives, Mother Jane tomorrow evening. I am not going for either, as I am not interested in either band. The first one is free and Eldho was after me to attend the concert.

Things are still slow work-wise and I was almost nodding off by 2:45 pm. Funny, while at home in the afternoons, I never ever sleep. And I don’t eat rice in the afternoons while at work since a belly stuffed with rice makes one feel drowsy for a while. Indeed three of us had a lite snack @ 2 pm and had a proper meal at 5:30 pm. It was porotta and fish curry and curd! Believe me, it was very welcome and quite satisfying.

download election Spent the rest of my time oggling a couple of cute girls in the call center and fiddling with my phone. Nearly worked out on how to get some good stations on the radio (uh oh)!

Song for the day – “On The Radio” – REGINA SPEKTOR

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