3 Day Weekend

I’m heading into a long weekend; 3 days of peace & quite I hope. The 3 days is because Monday & Tuesday we are keeping the office closed due to the end of Ramzan fasting month and the celebration of Eid.

I have a bunch of movies to watch including around 6 James Bond movies, Source Code & Priest. I am feeling tired and out of sorts and I will use these next 3 days to rest. I also want to sort out my dvd collection and also if possible my books. I also want to start writing this story that I have been discussing with fellow Trekkies on Facebook. I have the storyline outlined and fixed in my mind. What remains to be seen is can I put my mind into typing out a few pages a day on the actual story, processing the images in my mind into words. I lack discipline but I would really love to get this done.

Other than that I have nothing else planned. Maybe I can also watch some football on the telly. That’s it.

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