3 Different Shifts In 3 Days

Oh boy! I am so tired once again. I have worked three different work shifts in three days. And I have sacrificed one of my off days to get some stuff done because ofcourse everything in this process is at the last moment and not really organized at all so I end up doing stuff like this.

Thursday I worked a 9pm to 6:30 am shift and came home by 7 am and slept. Then I went back to work at 5:30 pm yesterday and I worked till 1am. Then I came home and watched tv for a bit and then went to sleep. I woke up today at 8:15 am as I have to be at work by 10:30am or 11am. So tired and weary and just wanting to finish the work and come back home quickly. But you’d think that if I am coming to work on my day off for conducting sessions, they would make sure that they arrange those folks for me.

But no, it was so haphazard and disorganized that for the 10:30 am session I only got people by 11:55 am and for the 1:30 pm session I only got people by 2:45pm. That is ridiculous! What a waste of time. Anyway, I am back home and drinking a beer. Cheers!

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