3 Things I Can’t Live Without During The Summer

Name 3 things you can’t live without during the summer.

1. Air-conditioning : yeah dude, it gets so fucking hot & humid over here that I sweat bucket loads during the summer days. And although I hate the fact that I get a giant bill at the end of every 2 months, I can’t do without an AC to keep me cool and cozy in my bedroom.

2. Cold drinks : and in keeping with the cool theme, to cool me down I also need some cold drinks. I usually do buy some cool drinks throughout the year but during the summer it goes up a lot. I’m mostly drinking fruit juices now, mainly apple and orange and will also give Appy fizz a go. Also I don’t drink more than 1 or 2 frappes in a month so when I do get them, they are a treat.

3. Cold showers: very important. Shave regularly and get a hair cut as well and then get as many cold showers as possible.

Prompt from Daily Journaling Prompts for June 2021 at KraftPlanner.com

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