3 Things To Change Your Life

If you could rearrange 3 things about your life, what would they be?

I think about those things a lot and sometimes it varies but I do agree that if I did make some changes, ie. rearrange things in my life, things would become a whole lot better. In no particular order those 3 things at this point in time are:

1. Move – for more good things than I can mention right now, moving is a must for me to make my life a whole lot better. Unfortunately that is better said than done. I would expect a certain level of life if I do move that I would want to maintain if I do move out on my own. More and more I know that for me to be truly happy I would have to live on my own terms and then only will I have true happiness. No matter what else in the world, unless you have that you cannot have true happiness if you cannot live as you want to.

2. Lose weight – Ha, this is so …. anyways, enough said that I do have to lose some weight to make things easier for me. I am not getting any younger, no spring chicken this dude, and it would be better and make things a whole lot better & easier & healthier if I did. First step is to fix a diet, a budget and stick to a little exercise schedule.

3. Make more money – the great one! I wish things didn’t revolve around money but yes it does. I want more money, I need more money. I have started a small venture, very small which can give me some extra cash every month or so. It’s small for now but it’s a step in the right direction. I just got my first payment out of it and it’s a good feeling. I will have to wait for a few months to see if it is paying off but I am excited about some of these things and hope to find more ways to do similar much ventures. Whatever or whichever things I do, my thinking is gonna be – make money, make more money and once that is done; make even more! And save!

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