3 Ways How You Will Treat Yourself This Year

Write down 3 ways you will treat yourself during the year

I don’t know about 3 ways but the major way that I will treat myself, now that things have calmed down a lot more with Covid and things are more open, I will check and see when I can get a few days off and budget permitting, I will once again book a hotel room for myself as a sort of staycation. All I would want is to book a hotel room, one with a comfortable and large bed, free wifi, room service and a tv. I would sleep, read, internet (the verb) and watch a few movies while drinking a bit and eating whatever they can deliver to me. That would be the best way to unwind and relax and recharge my batteries.

I’m gonna buy a few new shirts to upgrade my wardrobe. I haven’t in a while, mainly because of the pandemic and since I barely went out, why buy new clothes. So I have just ordered my first one and if I like that one, I will order a few more from that brand. I also need new pants and I guess I have to go out and find a few. Wearing new threads will make you feel new(ish) and make you feel a lot more fresh. It’s a great way to pamper yourself.

I think I will get a new smartphone this year. I currently have 2 phones – my Oppo F11 Pro is almost 4 years old and my main phone, which is the RealMe X2 Pro is gonna be 2 in July. I think I will sell off the Oppo and get a new phone to be my main one and keep the RealMe as my backup.

Prompt from 28 Enchanting February Journal Prompts for 2022 from MercyK.com

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