3 Work Days In After Covid-19 Rest

Well, I’ve been back at work for 3 days, having just completed the day’s shift after attending a client call where they were taking us through some of the questions we had regarding a new service we are doing. It went well and to be honest these 3 days have been mostly light work, mostly with me doing a self service module that is taking forever to complete. That is the most irritating thing when you have to do a 2-3 day module in a few hours.

So two more days before a weekend and then I can rest and relax again. I am mostly fully recovered from my Covid related issues. The last remnants of the cough with a phlegm infection seems to have mostly gone. It is now 2 weeks plus a day since I started showing signs of being infected, the 3rd in my home to go down with Covid after mum & dad. So I am happy that we are getting back to normalcy. We had a nice dinner of chapati and chilli chicken – chapathi which we heated up as they are the half-cooked ones and I bought chilli chicken from a restaurant that I like via Swiggy.

What plans for the weekend? I am not sure but I will check and see if I feel up to it, I might go out on Saturday or Sunday and get a pizza from Dominos in Ravipuram. I have asked my cousin to see if he wants to join me. Or if not we can get some KFC which is right next to the Dominos. Either way, I would like to step out and get some fresh air and enjoy a meal outdoors. I haven’t shaved my beard in 2 weeks so I might have to get that done in a day or two. Let’s see!

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