31 Days On The Blog

Well I did it, I completed an entire month of blogging everyday and multiple times on several days. That is a blogging achievement not to be taken lightly. I have seen people who get a badge from a blogger who gives it only to people who blog atleast one entry per day for 30 days. Well, I didn’t need a badge or a reminder; just the excitement of getting my own domain & server space and installing wordpress. That was more than enuff for me.

Tomorrow I have two assignments & presentations to do at the new job, as part of my training there. Like I was telling Halie, I am fully confident that I will do well cause it is easy and I have three years experience in this field. Just the names of products and the charges & codes will change, that is all. Most of the stuff is the same.

While working on my presentation, I felt thirsty and decided to head out. I needed to get printouts anyways, so I dressed and went to the nearby places – all were closed! There are 5 places with internet & computer related businesses and they were all closed by 6:15 today! What jerks! I decided to use slides instead and skipped the printouts. So I came back and bought a seven up on my way home.

Song for the day – “Drug Like You” – TODD KERNS

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