4 Day Weekend

After that long week – 5 days but many hours at the office – I deserve a beer and that’s exactly what I did this evening at 7pm. It is now 8pm. I had a Touborg with some popcorn. So, we have a four day weekend! Whoo hoo! Well it’s actually the weekend of today and Sunday and Tuesday is May 1st and a holiday at work. Since I am part of the support functions at the large BPO that I work for and hence we get a holiday on May 1st. The service delivery team have to work but they get a comp off.

We have several batches of new hires in training and most of them are from outside of Cochin. My batch of 21 new recruits have 17 from out of town. So after a small discussion we arranged to give the batches in training, plus us from the training team, Monday off as well and have a four day weekend. This is to avoid the large group of trainees who are from outside the city to have to come back on Monday and then stay in Cochin with nothing to do on Tuesday. This avoid some of these kids (mostly 21-22 years old) from calling in “sick” on Monday and stuff.

So I am enjoying a long weekend. I just stayed in today and watched The Conjuring 2 and the latest episodes of Masterchef Canada season 5, Arrow and Supernatural. Tomorrow I am going for Avengers : Infitini War. It will be awesome.

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