Back Online

Well my connection is back online after I paid the bill today afternoon just before I had to leave for work. Glad that is out of the way. I had to wait for a while though before they got it back for me. They guy who collected the amount from me told me that he would have it up in 30 mins, which went on for 2 hours until I actually got the net back up again. I hold no grudges. I want to download a couple of movies for Sunday since the forecast is lots of rain. Not that it isn’t raining during the weekdays!

I find myself unable to keep a track of the money I spend from my pay every month. Before the second week is over, once again I find my bank balance running less than half of what amount was put in it on pay day. I have no clue where all of it is going and would like to get more organized pronto! I need to curtail whatever excess amount I am spending. This month is no different from the last 4 and I keep promising that I would do better the next month.

Song for the day – “Probable Cause” – TODD KERNS

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