42 x 365

So another year comes to a close for me. In two days I turn 42 years old! And I specify the old part. I hear clicks in my knee and getting up after a late night is harder. Sleeping in on weekends seem even more rewarding and pleasing than going out on for some fun. The greys are showing up more especially when I grow my hair out.

I hadn’t cut my hair in a while and though I have a big bald spot on the top of my head, my hair did grow out a lot. When the barber was cutting my hair, I was looking at all the greys that lies in the hair that was cut off and laying on the sheet that was covering me or on the ground. Now that my hair is cut short, the grey isn’t evident and you can only see a tiny bit on the sideburns.

But yeah, I am kinda bummed about getting older. 50 is the line drawn across the sand beyond which I have to say “That’s it, I’m old!”. Until then I am nearly there. And it doesn’t help that young girls at the office, between 22-25 years old, call me daddy as a joke. I don’t want to be a “daddy” to you –  maybe a “sugar daddy”!

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