Vacation Staples

What is something you always take with you on vacation?

1. A book or two. Usually it will be fictional novel that is exciting and interesting. I know some people like the romance novels that I have seen at airports or railway station book stalls but I outgrow those by the time I turned 24. Michael Chrichton, Dan Brown, Sidney Sheldon, Anne Rice, Stephen King – these are some of my favourite novelists.

2. Extra set of clothes. I don’t want to be bothered about sending my clothes to the laundry service of the hotel that I am staying at. It is a bother unless I am staying for more than a week. So I will pack a bunch of shirts and underwear and make sure that I am covered – literally & figuratively!

3. Chocolate. Lots of chocolate. Candy bars, specialty chocolate, home made – it doesn’t matter. I would prefer to try the more expensive ones that look really good but you never usually buy. However during a vacation, I wouldn’t mind just going to the supermarket and buying the usual brands. I need chocolate to relax on a vacation. I must have some.

Prompt from 30 Days Of Writing Prompts For June at The Sits Girls

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