5 Minute Presentation To Schoolchildren

You’ve been asked to do a five-minute presentation to a group of schoolchildren on anything of your choice. What would you present?

Good morning boys & girls, I hope all of you are doing well today. I hope you will be kind enough to give me your patient & full attention. I won’t take much of your time but what I have to say is important. There is no god!

(20 second gap for that to sink in) All religions are false and based on myths and lies! (Further 20 second gap) The two major religions in the world at the moment, Christianity & Islam, were created by desert dwelling hypocrites who hated women and wanted to get rid of the pro-women & goddesses in the European Pagan religions. They both spread their religions with the use of force, violence and brutal killings. Most religious have some basic truths in them but nothing mind blowing or anything like that. None of the sightings of gods or angels, demons & ghosts are proven and no miracles exist either. None not even one religion has proven itself.

So where do we come from if not god(s)? I realize that is what you must all be thinking (unless you were raised by atheists or agnostics). The correct answer is we don’t really have all the answers. I suggest you read up on Abiogenesis &  Evolution (which is proven through since it debunks creation myths of all religions, most religious fundamentalists will not want you to read it and even try to stop you) and that will help. Through science we know so much but we are not completely there yet. And maybe we never will before humanity is wiped out. The universe is full of mystery just waiting to be found out. That’s the beauty of it. It’s exciting not to know everything in advance and learn and explore as we go along. We have come so far but we have yet to even scratch the tip of the iceberg. All that we have is what we have made by observing, deducing, experimenting & learning. That is important. No matter how much you think you have learned, there is still a whole lot more. And that goes on.

Look at everyone around you, we are all one. Forget religion, caste, creed, colour of the skin, family background, social status, political differences, borders, money and the rest of the stuff that just divides us. Be kind to each other, let’s be friends. And don’t forget our friends in the animal kingdom too! Some of the need protecting. Others just need our love. Adopt a cat or a dog, maybe even one of each. Help the needy, help the sick and show kindness in all that you do. Above all, keep your eyes & ears open and learn, discover, explore and gain more knowledge. The universe is out there, waiting for us. Who knows, we might even find alien life on other worlds. And maybe we’ll learn the secret to this existence. Take care. Oh and watch Star Trek. There’s a vision we ought to try and achieve for ourselves.

Live long & prosper.

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3 thoughts on “5 Minute Presentation To Schoolchildren

  1. Do you do this kind of evangelisation to your nieces and nephews btw ? hehe :D haha….Probably their parents think you are a force of anarchy :p …’Oh and watch Star Trek’??? May the force go with ya…

  2. Well anyway you aren’t a microsoft evangelist :)… so possibly could be an ‘Atheist/Rationalist’ evangelist of sorts :P hehe haha…me being frivolous…

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